Why South Korea?

I love kimchi.
Saya suka kimchi – sayur2 yang di peram..masam + pedas = sedap! ho yeah….

I love Big Bang especially G-Dragon (He’s a genius!! to me at least..)
Saya suka Big Bang…(masa 2009) sekarang…hmmm…questionable…hampir tidak dengar KPoP..

I love oriental culture.
Saya suka budaya timur

I love autumn.
Saya suka musim luruh

I love scenic scene.
Saya suka pemandangan yang indah

I love nature, natural living.
Saya suka alam, semulajadi

I love volunteering for WWOOF.
Saya suka jadi sukarelawan and buat2 kerja macam Wwoofing

After looking at the reasons above, now is 27th Oct 2016, almost ten years! There are so many things that I love about Korea.

WWOOF has taught me many ‘real’ side of living in Korea with Koreans and I love every sweet and bitter experiences of it.

I love seeing how hardworking they are and diligently lead their lives in every situation. As my friends said Korean are borne with competitive streaks. This is because their deep history has taught them that if you cannot protect your zone (meaning here your own land) someone else will take it away from  you.

Another side of Korean that I like is called as Jeong in Korean language.

‘Jeong (in its Korean meaning) is a very broad concept in Korea and is a really important part of Korean people and culture. But it’s really hard to define (even in Korean!). It can be considered love, but that’s too simple of a definition. It also includes affection, compassion, sympathy, community, attachment, etc.’ – from Seoulistic.

This is something that you can experience if you have a close Korean friend or live with Korean family. I have had encountered so much of this from the lovely Koreans that I met during my travel and by living with them. They did nag me a lot though but that is because it is ‘Jeong’ …haha.

Another thing that I like about Korean culture is Insa in Korean culture. Greetings. It is something that is done in my culture too but differently.

We say Assalamualaikum between Muslims in my country (Malaysia), but they say..Anyeonghaseyo.

Between my family we shake hands, hug when we meet after a long time and when we say goodbyes but Koreans do ‘Jeol’ to the elderly of the family and only say ‘Jal jine?’ to the rest of the family. Here I feel as if that they are not too close.

We say Bismillah before eating and say Alhamdulillah after eating but they say ‘Jal Mokessemida’ before and ‘Jal Mogossemida’ after.

Before we sleep we rarely say ‘Selamat Malam’ to the family or even after waking up, almost never ask if they sleep well or what not. However, all the Korean families that I have lived with never fail to say this greeting. Before sleeping – Jal Ja (informal) or ‘Anyeonghi jal jumuseyo’ (informal) and after waking up – Jal jasso? (informal) or ‘Jal jumushossoyo?’ (formal).

There are so many things that I like about Korean culture and one last thing is when they meet, they always ask:

“Bab mogosso?” Have you eaten?

Always..always asked me this. or..

“Bab jal mokku danyo? Do you live and eat well?

Hence, I feel so loved by them when I was there and I could not forget their kindness on me.

Now…I applied these towards my husband. But in a different language..hehe. Spanish. I want to spread my ‘Jeong’!

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