Jinbu Outing with Min Young

Min Young, a 20 year old Seoulite came as a guest in Santisuk in late April. She rented the room for 50,000 won per night. However, surprisingly Nandida offered her to work with her for a year and study english with the wwoofers which was a great idea. Since then, we became good friends. These days we went to the open market in Jinbu but with Haein.

It snowed whenever we wanted to go out. Our outing has its own special name, as invented by Hojin – ‘Prison Break’

Haein with her spongebob bag. We couldn’t wait to go out but we missed the 2.10pm bus to Jinbu. Luckily, Nandida’s friend gave us a ride.
Nandida’s friend bought us tteokpokki and heotteok before she left us.
Nandida’a friend on most left.
Haein’s schoolmate and obviously she’s the prettiest
because she’s our princess!! ^^
Min Young and Haein.
W drank banana milk which I previously hate. I prefer the blue version –
lite banana milk rather than the regular green which tasted like cold/flu
medicine to me.
The lite version.
I took this picture from Lee Seung Bok memorial but it was so
ironic cause the next day it was bright and sunny.
I bought face masks for the family and we tried it.

Though Haein is still young – 11 years old but we
wanted her to have a tryout too..hehe.

0 thoughts on “Jinbu Outing with Min Young

  1. korea girl like pretty. So from very small they start their facial treatment.

    When you come back I will see if the korea mask help ur face or not. 😛

  2. Hello Zarnia,

    It has been a long time since I leave comment.
    I already join the WWOOF in Korea, I will start off in July and stay in Korea about one month . It's really thanks to your help.
    I am wondering whether I can ask some questions..
    First one is about the transportation, because the farm is remote from the big city, I am afraid I can not get there (my English and Korean is not good), so could you share your experience to me.
    Second one is how did you contact to the next farm that you want to go?
    Could you recommend the farm that you ever stay?
    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

    Best regards


  3. Hi Sammy,
    how are you doing?
    glad that you have joined wwoof korea.
    I suggest that you head over to Joy's farm. The place is beautiful and the hosts are warm and friendly people.

    You could go there by bus from Dongseoul terminal (at gangbyeon station, Line 2). Just call the farm before you go there.

    You could ask the host to contact the next farm that you want to go.

    please email me at [email protected] if you are confused.


  4. Hello Zarina! This is Dora from Penang, Malaysia. My daughter and I are planning to go to Korea this coming June 12th for a 7 day tour. I was wondering about the weather in Seoul then and what must I wear… Will it be chilly in the evening?

  5. Hi Dora,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    June is almost summer.
    The weather fluctuates in between 15 to 29 degree celcius so you may need a cardigan in the evening. My advice, in the morning before you go out in Seoul, check the weather first.

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