Lee Seung Bok Memorial with Seoul kids

Su Hyeon; Haein’s best friend and Jun Su from Seoul came to visit us but now they brought another family with them. The other family has a small son called Kit Chan. He was so cute and amazingly funny. A 4D kid with a world of his own..hahaha.

Su Hyeon wanted to have a snack (과자) party before
we went to Lee Seung Bok Memorial.
Su Hyeon on far right.
The 4D Kit Chan, Hae In, Jun Su and Su Hyeon.

In Lee Seung Bok’s classroom.

Lee Seung Bok’s seat.

Grandfather and grandmother visited the memorial too.

We really love the 4D KitChan.


Watching Lee Seung Bok’s video.

Perfect resemblance.. 

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  1. unnie!!!!
    finally updated!
    heheh slalu bukak blog nak bc latest post~
    when are you coming back to malaysia?
    and when are heading out back? ;p teeee

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