How To Go To Jeju Island

By Flight from Seoul / Busan

jeju air

It’s a budget flight like AirAsia. As of 2016, the talented actor Kim Soo Hyun is their ambassador! If you want to enjoy spring in Jeju Island, it is better for you to book the flight around middle of March. If you book early and able to get their saver rate, sometimes a return ticket can be less than 50,000 won from Seoul to Jeju!

How to make Korean friends? Try Couchsurfing. I have personally couchsurfed myself in Korea. View my experience here and here.

korean air

Korean Air

Korean Air is a bit more expensive than Jeju Air. Approximately double of Jeju Air. It is like Malaysia Airlines against Air Asia, National carrier against budget carrier.
asiana air

1-Be a member before booking online.
2-Register yourself for their newsletter to get the latest offer and discounts.
3-Korean Airlines and Asiana Airlines are more expensive than Jeju Air.

By Bus

1-Go to Mokpo/Wando/Incheon/Busan by bus and then take a ferry from respective ports

2-Seoul to Mokpo bus

Seoul Express Bus Terminal – Mokpo Terminal (every 30~50 minutes/4 hour 20 mins trip/17,600won~28,800won)

3-Seoul to Wando bus

The journey is around 5 hours 40 minutes. Seoul dwellers can head to the Express Bus Terminal (line 3, 7, 9) to start their journey to Wando-gun (W33,000).More info on Wando.

4-Seoul to Busan bus

There are 2 types, Express buses and Inter-city buses which often have separate terminals. Express buses can be either first class (udung) or second class (chikhaeng). Express buses are non-stop except for rest stops of 10 minutes every 2 hours. Inter-city buses stop to pick up passengers.

The Seoul Express Bus Terminal (02-782-5551/2) is on Seoul City Subway Line 3, south of the Han River. It has buses departing to Jeonju, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Ulsan, Incheon and Gwangju.

Dong-Seoul bus terminal (02-458-4852/4) on Seoul City Subway Line 2, near Kangbyon station, has buses to Jeonju, Incheon, Gwangju, Busan, Daegu and Daejeon.

By Train

1-Seoul Train Station/Yongsan Station to Mokpo Station
Saemaeul train – 4 hours 30 mins, 36,600won
KTX – 2 hours 50 min,  40,500won

2-Seoul to Busan
KTX trains connect Seoul to Busan via Daegu and Daejeon in about 175 min (₩51700). Other trains, such as Saemaeul and Mugunghwa, connect Busan with other major cities as well. They’re cheaper but slower than KTX. Head to the First Class car for a free-of-charge water vending machine.

By Ferry to Jeju Port

Busan Port  – More info from Life in Korea
Incheon Port
Wando Port – More info from Lonely Planet
Mokpo Port


Recommended to use Internet Explorer for opening all the Korean websites mentioned.
Fare for train/subway/bus/ferry/flight might change.

18 thoughts on “How To Go To Jeju Island

  1. Hi there!

    Great info on Korea.

    I'm planning to go Seoul/Busan/Jeju next year. Well, I know you never been to Jeju. Do you have any friends been there? I would like to know the passenger fare? I googled but i couldn;t find any correct answer.


  2. Hi Nate,
    Most of my friends who had been to Jeju went with tour groups so the fare was included in the total package.

    But, I will try to find the info from my Korean friends. ^^

  3. Hi Zarina!

    I would to ask your opinion. Which is the best way to travel to Jeju? By KTX/Ferry via Mokpo or flight? Im a budget traveller.

    Here is my tentative schedule:
    1st day: Go to busan by KTX (getting 5days pass). 2nights stay.
    3rd day: Jeju. Take KTX- Daejeon-Seodaejeon-mokpo. From mokpo, taking ferry to Jeju. 2nights stay.
    5th-10thday: Seoul. 5nights stay

    I am hoping using KTX will minimise the travel time between cities. But on the 3rd day, im abit sceptical about the interchange between daejeon-seodeajeon and hoping can catch the 9am ferry from mokpo to jeju.

    Is it practical to do this way? I hope you can shed some lights on this.

    Big thanks!

  4. Hi Nate,
    Sorry for the late reply.
    I've never been to Jeju actually and no experience of taking the ferry to Jeju either.

    Althought the KTX Pass for 5 days is much cheaper from taking domestic flight to Jeju but you will lose out on travelling time.

    Busan to Jeju by flight takes less than 1 hour but your journey from Daejeon to Jeju by KTX and ferry will take almost half a day.

    Maybe you need to reconsider?

  5. Hi Zarina

    Yeap i can consider your idea. thats the thing, we're on budget. most probably will go by land.

    now, i just need to figure out the ferry fare only.

    Happy New Year to you!

  6. Salam Zarina,
    Syukur sesangat jumpe blog you ni, banyak info 🙂
    Do you know pasal accommodation budget kat Jeju? And servis for luggage locker ade x kt airport? Plan nk tggal je luggage kt Seoul masa pg jeju…

  7. W'salam zarina,
    I haven't had the the chance to travel to Jeju yet. but as far as I know of there are budget accommodation around.

    Every airport has luggage locker but the rate is pretty expensive. I think mebi you can leave it at the guesthouse in Seoul instead. it's normally free if you plan to stay at the same guesthouse after u return from Jeju.

  8. zarina,
    how to go to nami island from Jenju island. i plan to take flight to jeju island. after that, i plan to go to nami island.
    i am not sure what is the best decision? should i fly back to seoul and take the bus tour from seoul to nami? or i can go straight to nami from jeju island?

  9. salam,kami akan ke jeju pada 20 july ini.Semoga semua yang diplan menjadi kenyataan.Doakan perjalanan kami.tq tq for zarina's blog too.

  10. hi, I am planning to go to korea next year and I'm wondering how to get jeju after I get off the KTX. Do I have to get a ferry? thanks

  11. Hi! I'm heading to Jeju next year march. Still in the process of planning. I've heard about Yeha guesthouse and the day tour. Do you have any useful information on that? Especially on the tour itself. Thank you!

  12. Assalamualaikum Zarina,

    saya cuba untuk beli flight ticket gimpo- jeju,guna jeju air.
    tapi page 'next' tu tak moving

    bila guna eastar pulak,page tak moving sebab mcm ada error kat passport tu,pop up keluar dalam korean,and cursor remain katvtempat passport tu..passport detail dah masuk betul dah.

    please advise any tutorial ke apa,atau cara mcm mana lagi saya boleh guna,trip saya ke seoul 17/9.its my honeymoon~.nanti email ke [email protected] thanks!

  13. Hi, how do I book a domestic flight online? Seem like all of the airline require member to book. Such as easternjet and many more.

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