How to Peel Fruits the Korean Way

How to peel fruits the Korean way? There’s no specific method, not really. However, it became some sort of cultural shock to me if not a barrier.

Other than the facts that Korean’s lifestyle is healthy and they eat truckloads of vegetables and fruits, why did I even mention this topic? Is it related at all to Korean culture and lifestyle?

Yes, it does.

Once, I was given a task by an ahjumma when I was wwoofing in GwangcheonChungcheong-do province. The task was simple. I was assigned to peel apple and persimmon after lunch. Even before I started, I had failed.


A few halmoni-del (grandmothers) who helped harvesting the cabbage had lunch together with me and the family. Initially, they complimented me because I resembled the girl next door who could do all the household chores. (I’m not! ^^ but I accept the nice gestures)

But that changed after they saw how I hold my knife. (There’s nothing wrong with my knife holding style. I was taught that way by my mother)

I failed instantly at that moment. Hehehe..I was greeted by- “oooo..ahhhh..that’s dangerous, that’s wrong!” Immediately, one of the halmoni-del grabbed the knife from me and started peeling. Phew..Peeling fruits? No longer my task now. ^^

This is how I hold my knife. (Note the background music. It’s Korean song!
How ironic..hehe.)
Check here for Korean-style. Concentrate on the first 1 minute. 
It seems very crucial for a Korean lady to be able to peel fruits nicely because it shows how competent she is in the kitchen. How could you compare a plate of nicely sliced fruits with a plate of whatever, right? ^^

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  1. saya pernah cuba cara org korean peel epal yg 2nd methods,failed!!^____^ epal skin tu kejap2 putus.kejap2 putus. tak pernah dpt yg smooth pun.

    kalaulah ada lah rakyat m'sia yg kawen dgn org korea, mesti ommonim duk geleng kepala tgk menantu potong epal salah. dah tak jadi menantu mithali lagi. hehe…

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