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Everland or Lotte World?

Theme parks. I know, I’m too old for this one hahah. But, age doesn’t matter if you want to chill out with your friends to be kid again, at heart or chill out with your kids. Hmm..I love theme parks because of the scary, almost peeing in your pants type of rides hehe. I’m game about this but it wouldn’t be fun if going alone.

I have tried going to Everland, not once but twice! both attempt failed miserably.

First attempt, me, Tut and Hanim – I have dreamt about the wooden roller coaster recommended by Man Fai, but my friends and I lost our way to find the correct bus stop to Everland.

We waited and waited and after giving up; later we asked a few passersby but either they don’t speak English or we don’t understand their English..aigoo…ottokke? _ _ ^ We even asked the bus drivers and he said we waited at the wrong bus stop. Since it was almost 10 am and it’s kinda wasted to spend only half a day in Everland which is a huge theme park; so we opted for Lotte World. It is nearer and it is in Seoul!

Second attempt, I was with Min Young in Incheon but we couldn’t go together because I had to go back to Jinbu and Min Young thought the idea of going to Everland theme park alone was ridiculous! _ _ ^

In the end, I only got to experience Lotte World. T_T
Both Lotte World and Everland has their own reputation to boot but if and only if we MUST choose only one theme park, which one would it be?


Click here for the coupon.
You can also get discount coupon at the official website. But after discount it is 34,000 won.
The best way if you have Korean friends, they could get almost 50% discount if they pay using their credit card.

Official website:
Transportation: By Bus. Here is the Transportation Schedule
Operating Hours: 0900 / 1000 – 2000/2100/2200 (please check the schedule before entering)

Everland Pro and Con
Pro: It is bigger than Lotte World. It has safari so kids love it. There are prayer room and halal food for Muslim
Con: It’s in Yongin so have to ride a 1 hour bus

Lotte World

Click here for the coupon

Official Website:
Transportation: Jamsil Subway Station, Line 2, Exit 4
Operating hours: Open 365 days a year from 0930 to 2200/ 2300 (please check the schedule before entering)

Lotte World Pro and Con
Pro: It’s in Seoul hence very near. It has indoor and outdoor park so if the weather is bad you can still enjoy the indoor park.
Con: It is not as big as Everland. It’s easily crowded because it’s in Seoul. No prayer room and halal food for Muslim.

Check out my trip to Lotte World Part1 and Part 2.

Tips: Don’t come during holiday-season. Both places are jam-packed!

Korea Public Holiday
January 1 – New Year’s Day
Seollal     – Korean New Year’s Day (depends on Lunar calendar and 3 days public holiday)
March 1  – Independence Day
May 5     – Children’s Day
Buddha’s Birthday – 8th day of 4th lunar month
June 6       – Memorial Day
August 15 – Liberation Day
Chuseok   – 15th day of 8th lunar month (3 days public holiday)
October 3 – National Foundation Day
December 25  – Christmas
Source: Wikipedia

Korea School Holiday
In South Korea, the school year is divided into two terms. The first term runs from early March to late August with the summer vacation from mid-July to mid-August (elementary and secondary schools) and from mid-June to late August (higher education institutions). The second term usually resumes in late August and runs until early February. The winter break is from early February to early March. 
Source: Wikipedia early March.

0 thoughts on “Everland or Lotte World?

  1. We were thinking of going to Lotte World over lunar new year since I heard Seoul will be pretty empty since everyone leaves. But do you think Lotte World will packed?

  2. Hi,
    Yup, Seollal (설날) = lunar new year is one of the major holidays in Korea. But I can't confirm that Lotte World will not be packed.

    The place opens 365 days a year. So, perhaps they want to spend Seollal with their loved ones more than going to Lotte World. ^^

  3. Hi,
    You mentioned in your post that there would be Halal food and a place to pray in Everland?

    Where would this be? Because i checked Everland's website and there was no mention of halal food or place to pray anywhere.


  4. Hi zarina… Great info on your blog here. Am planning for a family holiday to korea this dec, i dont like the packages holiday by tour agents. Prefer to plan my own holiday. Can u suggest my 4days there what n where i should go. Ski, snow sledding n everland is a must for my kids.

    Tq so much!!

  5. Salam zarina…this is kak zaite. Have u managed to visit everland yet? Kalau belum..dont worry. U gonna get the chance to visit wth me cos its one ofthe placei want to visit..not really for ths rides but more for the parks. Akak pernah gi sana sekali but it was summer n the flower exibition was all about roses.

  6. As Salam,

    Are u sure they have halal food and place for pray? i checked everland's website but they didnt mention it. Its really help if u can get some info….plzzz…its bcos i plan to visit everland rather than lotte world…btw how bout pyeonchang ski resort? i mean halal food. can u accmpny us? how bout ur prfssnal fees 😉 i'm waiting ur answer….

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