How to go to Cheongyanni Station

If you want to go to Nami Island by train at Cheongyanni Station, you have to ride the subway to until here.
Cheongyanni Station on November 2009

Cheongyanni Station on November 2010
Myeongdong to Cheongyanni
22 minutes, 7 stops, 5.9km
900 won with T-Money, 1,000 won with cash
Transit at Dongdaemun subway station
After that go out from Cheongyanni Subway Station to Cheongyanni Train Station. The picture above is Cheongyanni Train Station. Don’t be confused! ^^
Buy a ticket at Cheongyanni Train Station to Gapyeong Train Station for about 3,500 won.
Gapyeong Station is not in the Seoul Metro map because it is not a subway train. It is a normal train. Don’t waste your time finding the station name in the Seoul Metro map.
You can catch a taxi for about 4,000 won to Nami Island jetty from Gapyeong Station. The return ferry ride cost about 8,000 won.
Subway 900 won x 2
Train 3,500 won x 2
Taxi 4,000 won x 2 (Divide among your friends if you are in a group)
Ferry 8,000 won
Total is roughly 23,900 won
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23 thoughts on “How to go to Cheongyanni Station

  1. Salam.

    Hi, Kak Zarina!

    Sy baru balik dr Seoul. Bila baca pasal Nami Island ni, nk gelak rasa. Sy dan kawan dok cari stesen Gapyeong dlm map subway, tak jmpa smpai my friend ckp maybe Gangbyeon (as if salah eja)dr review blog. It happen that kita org dr Suwon ke Gangbyeon, amik teksi – fare dia W90k. aaaa… what a waste! tp bila smpai kt Nami Island, mcm dah lupa pasal our mistakes tu. Cantik! Bila balik tu baru paham yg Gapyeong station tu bukan dlm map subway. Kalau lah kita org turun kt Cheongyani dulu dan bertanya… (isk3…)Wish that dpt pg semula utk season Autumn next time.- er, sebab ur picca masa Autumn sgt menjeleskan saya. hehehe

  2. W'salam Rafidah,

    Memang betul..masa sampai kat cheongyanni subway station akak pun confuse sebab ada 2 cheongyanni station – satu untuk subway, satu lagi untuk normal train..^^

    glad that you like Nami Island ^^
    Autumn is the best for me there..hehe

  3. Owh.. sy ingat nk jmpa akak b4 pg Seoul hari tu. tp sebab nk tinggal kerja 10 hari, jd agak bz dan tak smpat. And I do msg Hyunwoo Sun di fb konon nk jmpa. Tp sebab tak pakai hp di sana, sekadar communicate di fb dan berkejar ke Jeju island. Last2 tak jmpa. haha. apa pun, a thousand thanks for ur blog & credit to TTMIK sebab bg guide & info utk survive di sana.

  4. Hi akak..
    sy baru je balik dr seoul last week. mmg totally ikut direction drp blog akak ni.semua ok! cuma yang ke Nami Island ni die kate dah tuka route since 12/12/10 (tu je yg kitorang paham bile die ckp korea ngan kitorang aritu).
    then kitorang tanye kat information centre kat station tu. die bagi direction ke nami island naik subway (xpasti subway ke train, tp dalam die sama macam subway, tp bkn bawah tanah). saya tak ingat direction die. kene tuka 2 kali jugak la dari cheongyanni station ke gapyeong tu..
    Alhamdulillah, sampai jugak kami ke Nami Island. Sangat best!!!! dengan snownya…..!!
    thank you soooo much for all the info! two thumbs up =))

  5. Is the cheongyanni train station near the subway station? how to get to the train station? What is it called in korean both cheongyanni train station and cheongyanni subway station.

  6. assalamualaikum,

    saya nak ke seoul hujung bulan ni, nak tanya best way utk pegi nami island naik subway + tren atau naik tour bus from tapgol park tu?


  7. ade 2 cheongnyangni station laa…satu cheongnyangni (uni of seoul) lg satu cheongnyangni je..yg mane satu ek?

  8. Salam Zarina,

    ade kekeliruan sikit..nk tanya u suruh ambl Myeongdong to Cheongyanni subway station tp u suruh transit ke Dongdaemun.

    Me nk fahamkn balik mksdnye dr myeongdong transit ke dongdaemun n dr situ kite ambl train ke Cheongyanni station ke?dlm map Seoul t'nampk 2 Cheongyanni station. Tp 1 is under & 1 lg is over..which 1 me patut ambl?TQ

  9. Hi, Miss Zarina Jani,

    I'll be going to Seoul on March, I'd like to know whether shall i buy the ferry ticket one day earlier before i go Nami Island?

    Thank you.^^

  10. I also found another mode of transport. That is, from Dongseoul Central Terminal to Gapyeong Intercity Bus Terminal. Fare is KRW5,900. However, I don't find anyone mentioning about this mode of transport. Do you happen to know whether such service is really available or not? Thank you.

  11. Hi Rachel,

    There is such service.
    However, this service is the most expensive, the furthest from Seoul and you waste more time than the rest of the other options going to Nami Island. ^^

    FYI, DongSeoul bus Terminal is pretty far from I used to stay (Sinchon), is about 40 minutes.

    It's like double the journey time.

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