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For those who are quite skeptical to go to Nami Island using public transportation due to various reasons like:
1-what if I miss the train station? (*this happened to me ^^ *)
2-what if I don’t know how to speak Korean? couldn’t read the station name ladidadidu..
3-what if I lost my way?

and so many more of “what if”s if you’re terrified that is..hehe.. Don’t worry too much! Now..there are other options to go there.

1. By Shuttle Bus
Take a tour bus from Insadong (Tapgol Park) or Jamsil Station-Exit number 4. If you stay around Jongno, Myeongdong or Hongdae, I suggest that you take the bus from Insadong. If you stay around Gangnam area which is south of Seoul, take the bus from Jamsil Station.

Departure at 09.30am from Pagoda Park / Tapgol Park at Insadong
Departure at 04.00pm from Nami Island (parking lot at ticket office)

Roundtrip bus + ferry + admission – 23,000 won (For foreigner)

Call Nami Island Seoul Center for reservation:  02-753-1247 (in Korea) or +82-2 -753-1247 (outside of Korea)

Note: Payment can be made only wired transfer, foreign credit card is NOT accepted.

If you have no time to book the seat in advance, you can actually wait at the bus before the bus departs because sometimes there are passengers who did not arrive at the scheduled time, however this is risky as ticket purchase on site is subject to seats availability.I would rather book ahead.

Cash is only accepted on the bus; pay to the bus driver – but seats are based on first come first serve basis.

How to go to Tapgol Park/Pagoda Park at Insadong

Get off at Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station line 5,  Exit 5.  Walk towards Jonggak.

Check out KNTO for more info.

2. By Bus 
From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal / East Seoul Terminal ( 02-446-8000 (1h 20m)
First bus at 06:15, last bust at 22:00

Myeongdong to Gangbyeon Station (Dong Seoul Bus Terminal)
26 minutes, 11 stops, 11.2km
1,000 won with T-Money, 1,100 won with cash
Transit at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station

3. By Train

Please check out How to go to Nami Island by subway
If you want to know more about Nami Island, check out Nami Island Seoul Center at Jongno-gu. Information by KNTO is here.

Compare the total fare if you take subway + train + taxi + ferry (admission) on your own to Nami Island in another post here.

48 thoughts on “How to go to Nami Island

  1. Hi, I wonder if the 4pm departure from Nami Island is the only trip to go back to Seoul? I would like to take the return trip 23K but didn't really want to leave Nami Island as late as 4pm. I'm worried I'll get bored really quickly on the island. Are there anymore attractions for people like me who's not crazy about Winter Sonata?

  2. Hi Fraulein,
    There's so much to see and explore in Nami Island. The last time I went..I spent about 4 hours from 10am till 2pm but I could only explore half of the island!! ^^

    You could always buy a one way bus ticket and take the normal train back to Seoul.

  3. Hi zarina, can i have ur email add as seems i couldnt locate it at ur profile..will be visiting korea by this May & got few Q to ask…tqq

  4. i've been @nami island last winter tp dgn train (sbb shuttle bus tix abis).naik train best!frm myeondong to gapyeong train (2x transfer) tix around KRW1900.pastu amik cab mknanya rountrip KRW4400.oh..entrance fee+rountrip ferry KRW12400:) bg solo/budget traveler,rasanya bole la naik train tp bergantung mana yg selesa^^

  5. AKu mau ke Seoul nih lusa, cuman agak keder dengan bahasanya. Kalau naik sub way, ada petunjuk bhs Inggris nggak? Soalnya aku bawa anak kecil, kalau nyasar nanti repot lg.

    Tolong balasan di cc ke email [email protected] ya. Thanks.


  6. I need help here. First time nak gi Korea and I am lost…tak tau mana nak start. It be great help kalau ada yg boleh tolong share itinerary for sightseeing, makan, shopping, etc. Thank u in advance guys!

  7. hai.. i'm planning to Seoul this October..
    Right now, i'm planning to write down which place to go (travel itinerary) .
    What i'm about to ask is.. Does this place open on Monday??.. how about Pettite France (since these two are close enough).. Does it open on Monday??
    I'm asking cos as far as i googled so many tourism place in Korea that close on Monday..
    Thank you for answering

  8. Hi Zarina,

    Sila bantu saya.. kot2 saya silap paham..

    Sabong Station tu kiranye ada Sabong Station (Subway Line 7) & Sabong Station (Train) kan?

    Di mana bole saya cari Sabong Station (Train) utk ke Gapyeong Station (Train)?

    Adakah tukar di dlm Sabong Station (Subway) tu jugak? Atau berada di luar?

    Terima kasih.

  9. Thanks for the reply.

    I did some research.. Sangbong Station (train) ke Gapyeong ada kt luar/atas Sangbong Station Line 7 ^^

  10. veri informatif…teringin nak pegi…tp bape ye spend nak ke sana…signboard dia frendly tak…maksudnya dlm ensglish ke…sbb saya ni zero bhs korea

  11. salam..
    Saya nak tau d sana nnt bagaimana cara nye kita communicate dgn dorang..? speaking english ke or ape ye org2 kat sana… perlu ke kita tau serba sdikit bhasa dorang?
    N…agak2 bnyk x blanja nye kalau nak ke sana.. Tq.. 🙂

  12. hi, Zarina

    what if we go to nami island from incheon int'l airport? i read somewhere that it's only 45min by can we get from the airport to nami island? we plan to leave our stuff at the airport and just come back for it then proceed to seoul. would that be ok? I hope you can help.

  13. Hi Jc,
    I'm not too sure if by bus,
    but by train, you will need about 3 hrs to reach Nami Island.

    However, once you reach Incheon Airport, you may try asking the bus counter if they have any direct bus to Nami Island.

  14. Hello Zarina,
    just for an update; train to Nami Island from Cheongyanni – Chuncheon is no longer operating the last time I checked (31 OCt 2011). In oeration is Sabong station – Chuncheon (from line7)

    Love your blog.

  15. Salam Zarina…
    You mmg duduk sana ke? Student atau tugas? InsyaAllah akan ke sana December nanti. Terus nak main snow kalau ada dekat2 area yongpyong..
    Ada tak info macam mana transport dari Incheon ke wilayah Yongpyong?

    Thank you

  16. Salam,

    Dear Sis Zarina,

    I'm hardly confuse to go to Sangbong Station from Hongik University Station (line 2)…could you guide me?

    Kak Nisa

  17. Salam Kak Nisa,

    From Hongik Line 2, go to Wangshimni station Line 2.
    Then change to Jungang Line for normal train to Sangbong Station and then change to Gyeongchun Line to Gapyeong Station

  18. Salam again Zarina,

    Kak Nisa quite kurang faham sket pasal lepas stop di Wangshimni line 2, perlu keluar exit yg mana ye? Lepas tu Jungang Line to dlm station tu jugak ke kena keluar dr wangshimni or jungang line tu sebelah2 dgn wangshimni station?

    Sorry for interrupting Zarina yg sibuk dgn kelas…

    Kak Nisa

  19. Salam zarina,
    Saya akan ke seoul pd 5 feb 2012 ini, nak tanya…kat korea ni ade x mcm kat malaysia punye touch n go, pastu mcm mana nak beli, ade diskaun ke klu ade pass tu,
    Tiket shuttle bus tu kene beli awal ke atau kite boleh just walk in, sbnrnye takot tiket abes bile dh smp kat stesen shutter insadong

  20. Assalamualaikum Zarina…
    Nak tanya, kalau saya menginap di Windroad and flower Guesthouse, iaitu kat Sungkyunkwan University x salah saya, mcm mner cara nak pergi ke Nami Island yer secara bajetnya?

    Dan kalau saya bergerak bersama kumpulan seramai lbih kurang 20 org, ada cara x supaya kami dpt bergerak secara bersama? Tkut nnt ada yg terpisah plak, bas penuh ker..dsb

  21. Salam Zarina,

    Kak Nisa baru balik dr Seoul smlm 4Feb, mmg nak sgt jumpe awak..tapi masa mmg sgt pact…anyway…kak nisa guna tips awak untuk ke Nami dr Hongik..Wangsimni..Jungang Line & so on…mmg helpful sgt2…many thanks..tapi Nami mmg sgt sejuk banding dgn Seoul smpi -15…erkkk…Maybe InsyaAllah lain kali leh jumpe awak….best of luck untuk your korean class..

    Kak Nisa

  22. Hi Fraulein,

    I'm leaving for Seoul on 14 Feb. I'm planning to go Nami Island. As mentioned in your in your blog that we could take a tour bus from Insadong. (Roundtrip bus + ferry + admission – 23,000 won) Where do i book for this? Can i book it on the spot or are there any english website that i could reserve my tour?

    Call Nami Island Seoul Center for reservation: 02-753-1247. Do they entertain english speaking?


  23. Hi.

    I was thinking about going to Nami Island during chuseok. Will this be alright? As in, will places still be open and will all the transport be running as normal?

    Thanks very much 🙂

  24. Hi! Will it be better if we take the shuttle bus if there are 10 of us? or should we take the subway, how many people will fit in one taxi? thanks! 🙂

  25. Hi wizlet,

    In terms of handling the people, it's better to take the bus but it is more expensive than the subway and you have to follow the bus schedule which I don't prefer because some people like and don't like Nami Island so they might want to spend more or less time in Nami Island.

    4 people can fit a taxi.

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