How to Go to Nami Island: By Subway

Nami Island
This post will only cover transportation by subway and train to Nami Island. There’s another faster way now, by ITX train to Nami Island here.
How to go to Nami Island by subway will cover routes from a few major subway stations where normally many tourists stay around during their visit.
It will be cheaper going through this route via subway to Nami Island and it is another alternative if you couldn’t get the ITX train ticket or  shuttle bus from Tapgol Park.

Now, you need to take the train from Sangbong Station (Line 7 / Gyeongchun line / Jungang Line) to Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun line) which is the nearest station to Nami Island. After you reach Gapyeong station, you still need to take a taxi (fastest and cheaper if you share for 4 pax) or take a local bus to Nami Island.

1. Seoul Station to Gapyeong Station

seoul to gapyeong1

Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes, 64.2km
Stop: 26 stations
T Money: 2,250 won
Cash: 2,350 won
Transfer: Hoegi Station, Line 1 and Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)

Route: Seoul Station, Line 1 –> Hoegi Station, Line 1 –> Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) –>Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

2. Myeongdong Station to Gapyeong Station

myeongdong to gapyeong


Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes, 63.4km
Stop: 23 stations
T Money: 2,250 won
Cash: 2,350 won
Transfer: Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Line 4, Wangshimni Station, Line 2 and Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)

Route: Myeongdong Station, Line 4–> Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Line 4 –> Wangshimni Station, Line 2 –> Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) –>Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

3. Anguk Station to Gapyeong Station

anguk to gapyeong

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes, 62.3km
Stop: 27 stations
T Money: 2,250 won
Cash: 2,350 won
Transfer: OksuStation, Line 3/Jungang Line and Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)

Route: Anguk Station, Line 3–> Oksu Station, Line 3/Jungang Line –> Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) –>Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

4. Daehak-ro – Hyehwa Station to Gapyeong Station
hyehwa to gapyeong


Duration: 1 hour 39 minutes, 61.1km
Stop: 23 stations
T Money: 2,250 won
Cash: 2,350 won
Transfer: Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Line 2, Wangshimni Station, Line 2/Jungang Line and Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)

Route: Hyehwa Station, Line 4–> Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Line 2 –> Wangshimni Station, Line 2/Jungang Line–> Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) –>Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

5. Gangnam Station to Gapyeong Station

gangnam to gapyeong

Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes, 70.8km
Stop: 31 stations
T Money: 2,350 won
Cash: 2,450 won
Transfer: Konkuuk University Station, Line 7 and Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)

Route: Gangnam Station, Line 2–> Konkuk University Station, Line 7 –> Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) –>Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

6. Hongdae / Hongik Station to Gapyeong Station

hongdae to gapyeong


Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes, 69.4km
Stop: 27 stations
T Money: 2,350 won
Cash: 2,450 won
Transfer: Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)

Route: Hongdae Station,  Gyeongeui Jungang Line –>Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) –>Gapyeong Station (Gyeongchun Line)

Total cost = 20,700 won*
Subway/Train 2,350 won x 2 = 4,700 won
Taxi 4,000 won x 2 = 8,000 won (can split the fare with other members if going more than 1 person)
Ferry and Nami Island Admission = 8,000 won (For foreigner)*

By shuttle bus = 23,000 won (For foreigner)*

To Nami Island by subway does not have much difference in price if going alone, though I would rather take the bus. Less transit and less stress. ^^

More information about Nami Island at KNTO site here and Nami Island official site here.

*Note: All fares are updated as of February 2016

42 thoughts on “How to Go to Nami Island: By Subway

  1. salam,

    hi saya mastura. akan ke seoul frm 19th-28th Sept 2011. 9 malam di sana InshaAllah.

    nak pendapat awak, rasanya hotel budget mana yang saya boleh duduk masa kat sana nanti?

    ada hostel backpackers tak rasanya di sana?

    jika ada, brapa normal rate di sana..?

  2. w'salam Mastura,

    I have listed all the budget accommodation under the label of 'accommodation' on the left hand side of the blog. Please check that out.

  3. Hi Kay,
    weather wise it is cold and view wise not really nice cause snow pun takde and gloomy je..if you still need to go on that date, make sure it is a sunny day..

    yang pasti, masa autumn mmg cantik sangat!!

  4. Hi Zarina,

    Nak tanya, boleh bli ticket direct from seoul station to gapyeong station ye? walaupun nanti kena tukar dari subway kpd train?

  5. Hi Nisa,

    From Seoul to Gapyeong tak pasti kalau ada 1 tiket je.
    Tapi dari
    Seoul Station*—> Sangbong Station# – guna T-Money just transfer subway.

    Sangbong Station# —->Gapyeong Station# – kena beli tket lain sebab dah guna train biasa.

    —->Gapyeong Station#.

  6. Hi Zarina,
    I'm quite confused abt travelling to Nami Island, hope you can help me with it. Do we have to take subway and transfer to train to get there or can get there just by subway? =)
    And can i check with you, do you think we get buy those banchan dishes from namdaemun market and bring it back to our country, will it spoilt on e way back?

  7. It's really easy to get to Nami Island nowadays…only too many transfers… but the good side is tak payah nak beli2 tiket lagik.. can use T-money… 'tap' skali mase kat your first station… 'tap' lagik skali mase nak kluar kat Gapyeong station…
    mase pegi aritu, this was my route:

    Myeongdong –> Dongdaemun History & Culture Park –> Wangsimni –> Sangbong –> Gapyeong … took us about 2 hours to reach Gapyeong… had to wait for almost 20 minutes dekat Sangbong for the Gyeongchun Line punye train …

  8. hi kak zarina, if i used this route to nami, i'll be paying 3600 (return subway+train), 8000 (return ferry), admission pulak mcm mane?

  9. tetiba konpius pulakkk…."Rapid Train to Sangbong at Gate 6-2"…station ni ada dlm subway map x? Line brape ni yea?

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    Sangbong train station ni ada dua – satu untuk subway, satu untuk rapid train. Dalam metro map akan nampak satu station je, tapi dia ada a few levels dalam same building yg separate subway and train.

  11. ooo….tp cmne nk ke Sangbong dari Cheongyannni?sy tgk dlm map….tp still confused…mcm x bertembung je 2 line ni…

  12. Hi Anonymous,
    actually sangbong dan cheongyanni ada train biasa (mcm KTM) dan subway (mcm LRT)

    once, dah naik train biasa tak semestinya kena pegi sangbong. Sampai cheongyanni boleh keluar dari station train biasa dan ambil subway ke Seoul.

    Actually susah nak explain bile tengok map..once you dah ada kat sana baru akan lebih clear ^^

  13. Hi Zarina, Hope can meet u up in Seoul this Nov. Noor stay nearby Hyewa U nyer backpackers. Laa nie br dpt post kat blog awak nie :p, Now can see at Seoul Metro Traffic Center map cam ader gapyeong station if wanna go Nami via subway or train. Is it the same or different ekk? And the fare is abt 1800/way to Gapyeong.But if from Hyewa hv to transfer at 3 station dongdaemun,Hoegi & Mangu..

  14. Salam Noor,

    If from Hyewa Station to Gapyeong
    You have to transit at dongdaemun , Hoegi station until Sangbong with subway.

    After sangbong, go to train line in the same building to Gapyeong.

    From Hyewa to Gapyeong takes about 1 hour 40 minutes, 19 station, 61.1km and 1,800 won with T-Money

  15. Hi Zarina,

    Been in and out of Korea with wife and 2 kids for the 6th time but somehow, we keep ditching Nami Island from our to do list.

    Correct me if I am wrong:

    From Myeong Dong, I need to take the Subway to Cheongyanni Station.

    Transfer Cheongyanni Subway to Sangbong Train

    Sangbong Station to Gapyeong Station.

    Exit and take a cab to Nami Island.
    Upon reaching I have to pay entrance fee of 8,000 KRW for ferry and entrance fee.

    Is this correct?

  16. Hi, Zarina. Nice and helpful blog u have here. Good job!
    I am a lil' confused on the transfer thingy. Do we have to tap on some kind of machine every time we transfer to another line? And when we say 'transfer', does that mean we switch from e.g. Line 7 coaches to Line 2 coaches?
    Another thing is I saw JejuAir website. It seems like we can now book tickets in English. What do you think? Is it ok and secure?

  17. Shin Yee,

    No need to tap many times like in Malaysia.

    Once you tap from the first subway..then only tap again at your last destination station.

    I'm not gonna vouch for the security of one website. As I know, glitches do happen but unlikely. Human's invention is not perfect. ^^

  18. Salam zarina..
    Saya bersama suami n ank akn ke Korea pd Bulan January 2013..saya nk tahu contact no utk menginap d budget house tu..boleh bntu saya [email protected]
    Saya nk stay yg berdekatan dgn subway..harap zarina dpt Bantu saya.terima kasih.

  19. Hi ms zarina, good job on this blog.=)

    We'll be going to korea this march 2013. And planning to go to nami, the subway/train route will be a bit hard for my mom since she can't walk too far and the stairs and transfers.

    How long will it take from the shuttle bus terminal to the wharf? Can the shuttle bus accomodate my mom's wheelchair? We'll be staying at myeongdong. Also planning to ride a taxi to the pagoda/tapgol park for the shuttle bus. It leaves 9:30am, will it be ok if we book a day before, since we plan to go on our 2nd day ?

  20. Hai writer, nak tanya mcm letsay guna subway yg mcm u tulis atas tu , perlu swipe dkt transit card reader as what i have rea from other blog cakap kena swipe dkt machine masa nak transit tuka metro subway tu.

    Tq in advance

    1. Hi Zalikha,
      Depends, some new lines of Metro, there are gates that you need to swipe your card to pass through them upon transit
      but some other lines you don’t need to until the end of your journey.

      But, in terms of transiting from Cheongnyanni subway station, towards ITX line at Cheongyanni Station, you may need to swipe at the transit point if you transit from the underground tunnel.

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