CNBlue BagHug

CNBlue is promoting their comeback track in an unusual way than a band normally would do. He gonna give us a FREE HUG each and then serenade us with CNBlue’s latest score! Just kidding! ^^
For their latest track, Jung Yong Hwa (the spoke person for the accessory company Hazzys) and CNBlue will be showing it in Hazzys’s website  as a CF.  As of now, there is about 21 hours more to go.
정용화와 달콤한 데이트 상상해 보셨어요? Have you imagined a sweet date with Jeong Yong Hwa? 
이제 그 데으트를 시작합니다 That date will start now.
Imagine – 상상. Check out Hazzys BagHug

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