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AirAsia has been a blessing in disguise from God right? Teehee..The best thing is our flight budget to Korea has been greatly reduced with their decision to secure the route to Incheon!

I am going to address some of the reader’s curiousity mainly about AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Incheon International Airport (IIA) in this post.

A sample itinerary from AirAsia
from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Incheon International Airport (IIA)

1. My flight will reach IIA at about 9.45pm (Korean time). Will I be able to get a transport to Seoul in time?
There is 1 hour difference between Malaysia and Korea. That means you will reach IIA at about 8.45pm (Malaysian time).

According to Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, the last train/subway from IIA to Seoul :

Normal train – 2321hrs.
Express Train – 2130hrs.

So, if you reach AREX station for direct train to Seoul, allow yourself a 20-30 minutes buffer to be there. Basically, you should be at AREX station at least before 11.00pm. There’s always a consequence of a flight delay (those who have flied with AirAsia will agree, I guess ^^), be prepared.

From my experience, Korean custom and immigration is among the easiest to get through especially for Malaysian. There was one time when the officer didn’t even look at my face (or maybe I didn’t realize it? hahaha) and let me through in a split second. By the time I collected my luggage, the whole process took me about 30 minutes right after the landing. Of course, this is impossible if you come with family or in a group. However, time management is important!

2. Should I ride airport taxi / limousine bus/ AREX + subway to Seoul?

How much is your cost to Seoul?
Taxi ~40,000 won/taxi
Limousine bus~14,000 won/pax
Arex + Subway~3,800 won/pax

Note: Price may differs

An airport taxi incurs a whopping cost of about 40,000won/one way to Seoul but if you come in a group of 4, just divide the cost and it will be cheaper than limousine bus, plus you have the comfort and speed of a taxi. If you come alone, the remaining options might be more viable.

3. What if I miss the last limousine bus/ AREX + subway to Seoul?

You could either:
-sleep at jjimjilbang/sauna for 12,000 won per night
-sleep at the airport on the hard wooden chair, check out the guide to sleeping in airports.
-stay up at McDonalds + surf the internet (the wifi speed is awesome here!)
-watch TV in front of Ministop convenience store (who cares if you don’t understand Korean, just enjoy it! You might see your idol in the ads or latest featured drama!)

..ZzzZzzz..and then take the first train to Seoul at 0520hrs ^_^

4. Where do I pray at Incheon International Airport (IIA) – for Muslim?

There is a communal room for multi religion. Please be reminded, it is not solely for Muslim.
For detail layout of the airport, check KNTO for more.

34 thoughts on “Air Asia to Seoul

  1. I took AA to Seoul last month and our arrival time was around 9pm… the customs and immigration as a breeze, managed to pusing2 arrival hall before taking 6015 bus to Myeongdong … at first i tot we might got lost finding this airport limo but actually it was quite easy… baru nak letak beg, dah ade ahjussi dtg with the stickers and all… i just said Sejong Hotel and he immediately sticked a sticker to my bag and tossed it in the compartment and asked us to board the bus …. the fare is just 10,000 won and annoucement in English is available.. just need to know where to stop … it was really convenient even for first timer like me…

  2. aloo….
    just nak share experience.
    bru je balek dri sne 2 hari lepas.
    backpacking with my siblings.
    experience dgn AA ok la utk 6 jam 30 min pny flight.

    immigration mmg senang.

    utk tido kat incheon mmg xda masalah. diorg mmg byk sediakan kerusi but keras la. agak secure utk tido kat airport since diorg pny police akan round dkt org2 yg tido boleh dikatakan every 5 min. PS: bw selimut sbb sejuk

    utk solat mmg ada masalah skit walaupon diorg sediakan prayer room. sbb prayer room ni available for Christian n buddha and be separated by room. located dkt dgn airport railroad/AREX and waiting area in main terminal and concorse terminal. so nak solat better dkt tmpt yg sunyi or tmpt yg xda org mcm dkt tangga or bwh escalator. tapi utk malam, around 10++ solat je kat tmpt area kte tido. org dah xramai. diorg xkacau.

    utk transpotation better bli T-money sbb boleh pakai utk smua subway, bus, make a call at public telephone or even purchase item(at certain location only) in seoul as well as in jeju. plus lebih murah. 900 won instead of 1000 won utk 10km pertama (subway. bus xsure die pny rate). t-Money boleh bli dkt smua subway station or convenience shop such as 7-E, GS25.etc. harga utk 1 kad 3000 won. dalam kad xda nilai lagi mase mula2 beli. so boleh recharge kad dkt smua subway station and convenience shop 7-E and GS25. recharge xsusah just follow instruction. ada english instruction. boleh recharge max 50000 won. but better charge 10000 won saje sbb ada certain2 time xkene charge pon nak subway. (slalu kalau g tmpat just 1-2 station je)
    transportation dkt seoul better naik subway sbb cepat n senang sbb nak transfer boleh buat dlm building yg sama except different level. announcement akan dibuat for every station dgn pintu sebelah mane yg akan dibuka in korean then english. utk transfer line announcement akan start dgn lagu then korean, english, mandarin and japanese. BUT REMEMBER IKUT ARAH TRANSFER YG BETUL DAN TAU EXIT MANE NAK KUAR. Sbb kat sne byk exit.
    xyah risau sbb org sne baik2 belaka. diorg akan tolong kita walaupon communication macam ayam n itik cakap especially elders. 😛

    utk ke seoul naik AREX commuter sbb lagi murah. naik lift turun ke tingkat B1 (kalau xsalah – PS: dlm lift die tulis floor tu ke mana) then follow signboard. utk naik AREX commuter sebelah kiri. kanan ekspress. (ni mase dkt bwh area subway) boleh gune T-money. baru 3700 won sehala instead 8000++ won utk ekspress. perjalanan amik mase 53 min berhenti every station. ekspress 43 min. naik subway ni juga kalau nak g gimpo airport. subway ni akan ke seoul station. mase naik tgk papan tanda sbb kadang2 train akan ke certain station je. but utk subway awal i.e. 5.20 am akan ke seoul station. PS: utk turun or transfer certain2 station better tgu siap2 dkt pintu sbb pintu mostly buka kejap je.

    internet xyah g mcd. the whole incheon airport dpt free wifi plus SGT2 LAJU.. 😀

    So hope dpt membantu spe yg nak g Korea…

  3. thanks for the helpful info..

    anyway…nanti bole tak u share affordable hotel range btw RM100-300 di seoul…. maybe i tak habis browse lagi..but mostly hotel online r RM300++ & above…. cuba carik accomodation yg sedikit selesa… thanks a zillion!!

  4. akak zarina, assalamu'alaikum ^^

    lama tak tinggal jejak kat sini, so hari ni nak tinggal jejak lah 🙂

    dah khatam entry, jadi saya baca komen plak.

    kpd cik anonymous, tq for sharing the info. loved to read others experience especially yg b'kaitan korea 🙂

    kpd cik eka: saya rasa kalau nk senang mmg ikut tour tapi kalau ikut tour, nnti terikat dgn masa.semua nk cpt2 nnti tak boleh nak lama-lama dkt satu tmpat. kalau backpacking, saya takda pengalaman lg ^^

    p/s:mianhae,sbb jd tukang jawab plak

    annyeong zarina unnie 🙂

  5. Just nak share my 'redah sendiri' travel to seoul last month…

    RM1000 – air tickets … AA of course
    195,000 won per pax (RM 555) – stayed in a guesthouse in myeongdong for 9 nites … shared 3 person … 1 nite = 65,000 won per room

    700,000 won (+- RM2000) on subways , taxis, buses, makan2, jalan2, entrance fees, shoppings ….

    altogether about RM3.6k for 10 days 9 nites …. i brought about 1.2 mil won, just incase of emergencies but ended bring back about 250,000 won …
    i would say it wasn't expensive at all compare to guided tour.. then again the downside is you have to plan your travel itineraries wisely …. need to know where to go and how to get there… their subway lines are huge… and i mean HUGE … especially the transfer stations… and dun mention the stairs… everywhere also got stairs.. no wonder la org2 sane semua selim melim… i think i lost few kgs after that 10 days… hahahah…

  6. xsabar rasa nya nk terbang ke korea may 2012 nnt..tiket dh siap booked dah..bleh baca blog u utk prepare nk ke sana nnt..:) really cant wait!

  7. aloo….
    actually backpacking senang lagi sbb x terikut sgt jadual tour…
    most org yg ikut tour kebanyakkannya extend diorg pny trip. ni base org2 malaysia saya jumpe kat sne…

    utk accomodation, i did choose namsan guesthouse. located tgh2 town seoul. jalan kaki je nk ke namdaemun and myeong dong market. dkt juga dgn subway line 4 and convenience shop . namsan ada 2, satu namsan 1 and namsan 2. i did stay at namsan 2. dia building baru. check this website: better booked awal sbb ktorg hari tu xdpt bilik yg ktrog nak. guesthouse ni sgt2 diorg dpt good stay by diorg pny tourism. boleh pakai credit card. hari tu kene dlam 75000 won semalam utk 3 bed. breakfast provided. roti, jem n kopi boleh makan sbb home made. nk ke sne dri airport naik AREX commuter ke seoul station. tukar train ke line 4 ke myeong dong station exit 3.

    utk accomodation kat jeju, i did choose jeju hiking inn. 15000 won/rm 45 seorg. located at seogwipo or south jeju island. nak ke sane about 1 jam 30 min naik limousine bus from airport. more detail check this website: utk hotel ni kene buat reservation n have to pay 5 or 10 percent for deposit. deposit leh guna credit card. but smpi sne kene bayar cash.

    tips: nak backpacker better bw bagpack sbb korea pny muka bumi sgt2 berbukit. pastu utk ke subway mostly kene naik tangga. agak byk tangga yg perlu di daki… so bagpack senang skit nak jalan2… most ble dah area subway bru ada escalator.

    for those yg nak g jeju naik la eastarjet, LCC diorg yg provide english pny reservation… better tempah 3 or 4 month before. return just rm 300 per person or less. stay kat jeju better 3 days 2 night.

    1 more tips better ke sindo and sido. kat sini ada location drama utk cte full house and other. nak ke sne kene naik train if from seoul ke airport, naik bas, then feri kat sam mock ferry then boleh naik basikal pusing2 pulau tu. pulau ni xramai yg g. cantik and sgt2 best. however kene spend utk ke sne about 1/2 day sbb nak ke sne kene naik mcm2 kenderaan. better bertolak dri seoul dlm 7.00 am. sbb feri last is 6.00 pm.

    that all from me… selamat ke korea….

  8. salam..
    cam ner dah ilang rindu kat kampung?
    i like ur new layout, kemas
    it's hot today.. min 31-43 max
    thanks.. AM

  9. Hi..

    I was wondering if you could help?

    Which airport is it to take the Airasia flight to Seoul KLIA or LCCT?

    Thank you

  10. Hi,

    I sampai kat Incheon Airport sama Airasia. Duduk kat Uljiro CO-OP.

    1. Naik Bas [email protected] won, mahal jua !
    2. Kalau pakai Arex terus to Seoul station, then change to Subway to Dongnaemum Historical and Culture stop, berapa semua fare ?

    Macamana, ikut option 1 or 2 ? Mau jimat sikit sikit je…

  11. Hi Irene,
    if you see the sample flight itinerary above from AA, the airport tax is already calculated in the ticket. you dont have to pay separate airport fees like for eg if u fly from Indonesia/ The Philippines into Malaysia

  12. W'salam CasuallyMe,
    I have never stayed in a hotel in Seoul but rather a hostel/guesthouse.
    You can check my recommended links under label 'accommodation'

  13. Zarina, is it OK to sleep overnite in Incheon Int' Airport? The thing is my flight back to KL is at 8.25am and i dun feel like leaving Seoul in the wee hours just to catch the flight.. also very tight on budget to stay one nite in a guesthouse near Incheon…
    Does AREX operate until midnite ?

  14. Salam, nak tanya, sana strict tk utk capacity naik cab, insyaallah 5 of us will be going there, tp tgk cab boleh muat 4 org je, i, my hubby, anak2, 9, 5,4 yrs, ke kena ambik 2 cab jgk?

    Then, from airport nk naik train senag ke, or nak kena kluar from the airport dulu, ish, cannot imagine la, boleh tlg?

  15. hi.. trima kasih byk kt kak zarina psl info2 yg sgt berguna.. sbb saya akn ke sana pada 5 september ni naik sgt berharap klau2 ada yg pg skli time tu bolh pg bersama =)

    p/s: slmat berpuasa semua

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