How to go to Namsan Tower Cable Car Station

You can either take the exit 2 or 3 from Myeongdong subway station.
Then, walk pass 7-Eleven and GS-25 convenience stores on your right.
Walk up the hill (enlarge the map to view the path clearly) until you
find Namsan guesthouse 3, then Namsan guesthouse 2 and lastly A -Namsan
guesthouse 1 (the furthest from Myeongdong station T_T); all on your left
and walk just a tiny bit more to reach B -Namsan Tower Cable Car Station.
( I bet you will be panting by now)
Namsan Tower Cable Car Station
P.s. Don’t be deceived by the map, it may look flat but the terrain is not. ㅎㅎㅎ

0 thoughts on “How to go to Namsan Tower Cable Car Station

  1. Or you could take exit 4, walk straight till u see the intersection. Turn left and walk up a bit and u will see a weird looking elevator that will take u straight up to the cable car station. I prefer this one better. Less energy consumed. Hehehehe..

  2. Sept 9, 14 will be my 5th biz trip to Seoul. Masa ni will be mid-Autumn. Dua member i will be joining me for holiday trip and will be fun for them… Wlp most places i dah pergi tapi honestly speaking i tetap explore the beautiful places berkali2 di sana. Never miss Seoul tower, Nami Island, yang suka shopping gi lah Dongdaenum or Myeongdong..itu agak murah sikit. Di Itawon banyak makanan halal. Yang bawak anak2 jgn lupa gi Everland..budak2 mesti suka.

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