Let’s Learn Korean Traditional Instruments

I enjoyed watching Korean traditional music performance occasionally while traveling around Korea a lot! It’s quite different compared to Malaysian traditional music but kinda similar to Chinese or Japanese. Among the instruments, gayageum and haegeum are my favorites.

One of the best performances that I watched was at Solleung Station where the artists belted their renditions of Beatles’s using purely Gayageum. Amazing, right? I could stand with the crowds forever just listening to that performance but I couldn’t!

If you are CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye’s fan, you must be familiar with gayageum as Park Shin Hye carries around that huge bulky instrument many times on the earlier episodes of Heart String / You’ve Fallen For Me drama. I ‘m not interested much about the drama cause the plot and directing are just meh…*as if I’m a good director..haha* but I love it when they try to fuse traditional and pop rock music. The result is just marvellous! I’m quite skeptical initially but it sounds so natural. They blend just nice.

In one of the episodes, Park Shin Hye played the gayageum using her smartphone application and guess what I did next? I installed the app immediately.

I envy those people who could play by the ears!!
While web researching for gayageum and haegeum, I came across a Korean traditional instruments class for foreigners is available at National Gugak Center – The fee is only 30,000 won and it runs for a semester of 3 months. So cheap!!

Check out this song from Chuno OST with haegeum as the main instrument.

0 thoughts on “Let’s Learn Korean Traditional Instruments

  1. Salam, kak Zarina. Saya nak tanya, semasa kat Korea, selain Itaewon n KTO, selalunya Kak Zarina menunaikan solat kat mane ye? Boleh kak Zarina beri cadangan?

  2. w'salam Sue,
    actually kat mana2 pon boleh solat kalau kite tahu cara solat. kat korea ada byk park. kalau kite tk mampu solat berdiri, kite boleh solat duduk…Walaupun akak bukan alim ulama tentang hukum Islam, mungkin jawapan akak tak menepati. Yang pasti solat adalah antara kite dengan Allah. Hanya Allah yang boleh menilai ketulusan ibadat hamba-Nya.

  3. As salam kak, 1st time nak komen kt cni..
    saya tengok citer tuuuu…
    mmg best bila diorang campur traditional music ngan rock..
    tingin la nak lepak Korea cm akak…

  4. the drama reminds me of zmn sekolah dulu2, when the school band's orchestra akan perform together with the gamelan troupe. mmg power abis!

  5. salam,
    kak zarina, saya nak tanye la. saya ade plan nak p korea untuk honeymoon.mcm mana kalau saya ingin mengikuti pakej yang di anjurkan oleh pelajar2 malaysia dikorea ini, sebab setelah saya survey, harga yang ditawarkan oleh pelajar2 ne memang berpatutan berbanding syarikat2 pelancongan di malaysia ne.plan nak p sane utk seminggu. terutamanya nak p pulau jeju dan tempat yang pernah mefilemkan drama siri boy over flower.dan berapa bujet untuk seminggu tu yek.hope so, v can keep in touch,as im know that u will be study there.

  6. salam kak zarina,
    saya ada plan nak p honey moon di korea, macm mana kalau saya nak mengikuti pakej2 yang pelajar malaysia anjurkan ini, sebab saya dah survey, memang harganya berpatutan daripada syarikat2 pelancongan yang ade di malaysia ne.lagi pun saya plan nak p sane dalam seminggu.terutamanya nak p kat pulau jeju dan tempat2 yang pernah difilem kan dalam drama siri boy over flower. agak2 bujet untuk seminggu tu berapa yek?

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