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Jisan Forest Ski Resort – Ski and Snowboarding Rate 2011

Winter is coming!! Get your gear ready everyone..and $$$ of course ^^

I read the newspaper a few days ago and came across this section on Jisan Forest Ski Resort. They are now opening the slope for winter activities.

Jisan Forest Ski Resort is among the nearest slope to Seoul about 40 minutes from Gangnam and the best thing is there is a FREE shuttle bus from Gangnam to Jisan Forest Ski Resort!!

Other ski resorts lift and winter gear rental rates are pretty similar so I will just list out Jisan Forest’s here as your reference. The information is from the official website:

Lift Rate

35,000 won – 07:00 – 10:00 Morning*
54,000 won – 7:00 – 13:00 Morning + Noon*
65,000 won – 09:00 – 16:30 Mid Morning + Mid Noon
47,000 won – 09:00 – 13:00 Mid Morning + Noon
47,000 won – 12:30 – 16:30 Half day
54,000 won – 18:00 – 23:00 Night
65,000 won – 14:30 – 23:00 Evening + Night
47,000 won – 00:00 – 04:00 Mid night*
65,000 won – 21:00 – 04:00 Night + Mid night*
* Starts from mid December 2011 to February 2012

Equipment Rental Rate

Full Day – 20,000 won
Half Day -17,000 won
By equipment – 9,000 won each

More info on official website.

0 thoughts on “Jisan Forest Ski Resort – Ski and Snowboarding Rate 2011

  1. Hi Anonymous,
    I'm afraid there is no snow by end of March but who am I to determine, right? If Mother Nature is still crazy, you might get the chance. So just pray for the winter to be longer ^^

  2. Hi kak zarina! I'm Afiqah from Singapore! =D i love reading your blog! I took alot of pointers from the things to do and food to eat in korea! I'm coming to Seoul on 10 jan and waa planning to go for a one day ski trip! Tried to email some of the ski tour company but no reply till now.=( Do you happen to know if there's a one day ski trip to pyongyang?=D

  3. Salam Afiqah,
    I'm afraid that you can't make a day trip to Pyongyang. It's too far.

    I suggest you do this if you still want to go.
    -take the express bus either from Gangnam or Gangbyeon to Pyongchang, then taxi or local bus to Pyongyang
    -don't check into the resort as it will be kinda expensive
    -instead find a guesthouse which also supplies ski can see them along the road before arriving at the ski resort
    -their rate would be around 50,000 won per night for a huge room. You could sleep there for 5-6 people.

  4. salam..

    zarina, sy rozie nk tau senang xnk dptkn bas utk ke tempat2 kat jeju. sy akn g sna bulan mac n nk tau tpt yg tul2 menarik utk di lawati dlm msa 1 hari

  5. Salam Rozie,
    Dalam 1 hari tak boleh naik public bus untuk pergi banyak tempat di Jeju. Biasanya maksimum cume 2 tempat je.

    Better naik tour guide bus dlm 70,000 won seorang kalau ikut tour guide Yeha.

  6. Hi! I've been reading your blog to help plan for my trip to korea. It is very informative! Do you know if the equipment rental in Jisan includes ski clothes?

  7. Salam, I have a question.. Klu end of february(25th) Nami Island Ski Resort still bukak ke? boleh ski ke mase tu?

    huhu My family and I are planning on a private trip. tarikh tu je boleh, coz mase tu je yg abg and kakak yg uni lain2 cuti pd masa yg sama.. punyelah susah nak carik date :p

  8. Salam Kayah,
    seingat saya Nami island bukan ski resort.

    Tapi kalau nak pergi ski resort boleh download FAQ di sebelah kanan, atas sekal blog, bawah email address saya.

    Biasa semua ski resort open until end of February.

  9. Hi Kak Zarina,

    Nak tanya the direction to Jisan Ski Resort ni macam mana eh? Saya tengok wensite dia and kalau nak naik bus macam kena pergi Incheon dulu. huhu

  10. Salam Kak Zarina, I'm going to Seoul on Feb 18 and I wonder if I can go to Jisan for 1 day only from Seoul. I'm under the impression that Jisan provides free shuttle bus, if so, whats the earliest trip to Jisan and the latest trip to Seoul at night? Much appreciated.


  11. Thanks so much! we will be staying at gangnam area, do u know if there're halal shops there? sorry for the many questions

  12. Salam Zarina, Selamat Hari Raya. My family is planning a holiday to Seoul in December around Christmas. Reason being nak main snow! Maklumla..orang Malaysia. I'm not sure whether to stay a couple of nights in Jisan (Konjiam dah penuh) or to make a day trip to the resort.If its easy to make a day trip, we'd probably do that. What would you recommend?

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