How to go to Gimpo Airport

In this posts I will show you on how to go to Gimpo Airport by subway or metro. However there are four means to reach the Airport:

  1. By Airport Bus
  2. By Subway or Metro
  3. By AREX – Express Train
  4. By Taxi

All the details for the other public transports can be checked here.

Why do we need to Gimpo Airport? Gimpo Airport is an international airport serving the domestic flights inside South Korea and also some flights to Japan and China. If you are planning to go to Jeju Island, you will need to fly from Gimpo Airport and this post will be useful for your journey.

These pictures are taken when I was flying to Jeju Island from Gimpo Airport with T’Way Airlines. Further info on Gimpo Airport and also Arrival and Departure status is available at this site here.

As per the picture below, we used the subway or metro to go to Gimpo Airport because we were back from visiting a Korean family near Dong-Incheon neighborhood.


This is from Gyeyang Station to Gimpo. As previously I was from Jakjeon Station, I had to transfer from Seoul Metro to AREX from Gyeyang to Gimpo Airport. AREX, spelled A’REX as a brand name, is a South Korean commuter rail line that links Incheon International Airport with Seoul Station via Gimpo International Airport -Wikipedia.

You could see the grey line as AREX. It took me about 20 minutes for 1,000  (in 2011) 1,250 won (the current rate in 2018) using T-Money.

If you’re coming from Seoul Station, take the rapid train from Seoul to Gimpo. The rapid train will stop only at 3 stations (as in the picture above) before reaching Gimpo Airports. Time is 22 minutes for 1,100 won 1,450 won (current 2018 rate) with T-Money. Please check with the officer which platform is for rapid train to Gimpo Airport before riding the train, if not you will take the normal train which stops at every station.
If you are not from Seoul station, you can use any Seoul subway application to search for your route like SubwayKorea or KakaoMetro for examples.
Waiting for AREX at Gyeyang Station. There were not many people around because it was at noon and we were grateful for that. 🙂
Inside AREX, not much difference from Seoul Metro or subway train. See how clean the floor is! Not to mention the space available to walk easily from one end to another.
After alighting the AREX, I saw this brand new cafe and from here you can transit to Line 5 if you are heading to Seoul. There are three subway or metro lines that you can ride to go to Seoul, either Line 5, Line 9 or AREX.


Take the elevator to B1 up to the hall where you can exit the metro station from.


Exit from AREX station. Make sure you tap the T-Money card or one way journey card like the lady inside the picture and not to stand too close to the middle of the gate, or else the gate will make a sound and you will be embarassed! Then, make a correct second attempt.
Turn left to Domestic Terminal or right for International Terminal or Line 5 back to the subway or metro line. We definitely chose left for our flight to Jeju Island.
Once you turn left, you will see this long escalator. Once you reach the end, take the escalator to 2nd Floor to check in your luggage and get your boarding pass.
The whole stretch is counters for checking in. T’Way Airlines is the left end. Here is where we check in the luggages and received our boarding passes.
After the check-in, we headed to 1st floor to board the flight but not before taking a short break, checking out the airport first. It is not that big compared to Incheon Airport. This part of the terminal is the domestic flights area. The international terminal area for flights to Japan and China is at another building (Refer to the previous picture above where I mentioned that you should go to right for the International terminal).
Then we had a short bus ride to the plane which I thought was so unnecessary because the distance between the boarding area and the plane was so short but we had to.

3 thoughts on “How to go to Gimpo Airport

  1. Hi Cik Zarina,

    May I ask a question.

    How long it will takes from Incheon to Gimpo and what is the best tranportation? My plan is once I reach Incheon at 6.00am, I want straight to Jeju Island but not too sure what is the best time should I book the domestic flight. Appreciate your help in this.



  2. Hello kak zarina,

    I would like to ask if you have any information about the bus system in Busan. I would like to know about the bus routes and what buses to take to certain locations. There is a website on the Busan Bus Information System but it's all in korean haha. Thank you kak!

  3. Salam kak zarina,

    pukul berapa ya operating hours rapid train. Sbb saya plan untuk ke Jeju dan ambil flight yg awal, dlm 7am. Jikalau sy stay kat Seoul (area Myengdong), mcm mane ya nk travel ke Gimpo? The easy way? Berapa lama ya? Ada ke public transportation pagi2? Thanks

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