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Seoul Plaza Skating Rink

1,000 won??!!

So cheap hence the crowd is humongous T_T. Afri and I passed the skating rink after visiting Doksu Palace (Deoksugung) last week. At the time we were there, the rink was closed for break around 30 minutes after every 1 hour skating session. Seoul Plaza Skating Rink is just right across Doksu palace (Deoksugung) and you may go there by subway for City Hall Station, line 1 (dark blue), Exit 5 or 6.

Official website: Seoul Plaza Skating Rink

Korean teenagers crossing the road with their skating shoes.

Haechi statue for photo spot.
I couldn’t really remember the exact temperature but it
fluctuated between -11 to 0 celcius. So far, we rarely
seen snow fall. I felt sorry for my friend. 🙁
See the bee line? I fared quite bad with roller skating so I think
ice skating would be the same. I don’t know..if the crowd is not
that huge, I might skate one day. 
You can either buy the ticket online or from the counter.

Check out this Naver blogger Hyunokmun for more details (in Korean).

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  1. Hi Zarina, me and my daughter was planning to contact you when we were in Seoul but it was really hard to get wifi connection with our Ipad so we give up. We see snow on the 23rd night and it was amazing to us. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time there and looking forward to more post in your blog. "Happy New year" if not too late to greet you.

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