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Claypot Sujebi at Insadong

It was snowing quite heavily yesterday afternoon. The temperature rised a few degrees but it was still chilly. Not much difference.

Snowfall in Insadong.

By now I have bought a least 4 pairs of winter gloves but lost them all, either I misplaced them while riding the subway or left them at any of the public toilets… more buying winter gloves!! I just shoved my hands into my padded jacket pockets and it’s still fine.

After class, my classmates decided for Apgujeong to “study for final exam” at Kyuhyun’s cafe (Super Junior). Hmm..are they really gonna study there? I wonder..hehe. Kyuhyun will not be there anyway, only his mother. Hahaha..

Rather than Apgujeong, I headed towards Insadong instead after finding this popular Claypot Sujebi restaurant from Wingspoon, a food portal in Korea.

I tried regular sujebi but I would prefer perilla seed sujebi 들깨수제비.

As usual my lunch is always after 2pm to avoid the lunch crowd aka office workers. I reached there at 3pm exactly and appreciated the heater fan warmth directed towards my seat by the sensible ahjumma waitress.

I was the only customer and no one dared to speak to me since I was a foreigner. One of the ahjummas was guessing my nationality with her friends and I just chuckled.

The restaurant ambience was calming – Korean traditional restaurant and you can choose to sit Korean style rather than the normal table with chairs.
The place is quite hard to find for a first timer but worth all the time spent.

Walk after Anguk Station, Exit 6 towards Insadong. Pass Ssamziegil building and after passing a pharmacy SudoYakguk 수도약국, walk into Insadong-10-gil road.

Walk about 20 metres and you will find a signboard on your right across an old Korean Traditional House read 인사동 수제비. Walk towards the end of the alley and you will see the bright yellow signboard.

Wonder what goes into a claypot of sujebi? Check out Maangchi’s Korean Recipe for making Sujebi here.

11 thoughts on “Claypot Sujebi at Insadong

  1. salam akak,

    nak tanya. restoran ni dkt area tourist centre di Insadong tu ke? insyaallah bln 11 pergi sana. ingat nak try makan. sbb aritu makan makanan halal cuma di Itaewon je 🙂

  2. Salam..nampak mcm sedap je.nak tanya, boleh tak rekomen tmpt yg muslim boleh makan dekat area Hongdae,apgujeong dgn myeongdong.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to wingspoon and Insadong Sujebi! Sujebi is one of my favorites, so when I went shopping in Insadong I made sure to go there for dinner. It was delicious!! Your map was so helpful.

  4. Salam zarina. Kak zaite ni..lama x contact u..
    Apa nama dish yg u order for us masa mkn kat sini dulu? The spicy cold noodle salad. Going there again in oct wth a friend..nak mkn kat sini lagi

  5. Salam, kak…tmpt ni vegetarian restaurant or ade serve meat? and kalo vegetarian restaurant, it means i can order anything or should I be careful and do not request certain food on the menu? Thanx a bunch~

  6. Salam,

    I saw on your FB page there are 3 dishes which are sujebi, haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) and golbaengi (spicy oyster). Is these three their only dishes?

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