Subway fare increased in Seoul

AREX+single+journey+ticket.jpgIncrease of subway fare in Seoul is nothing new. In fact, it will happen from time to time and it is similar to any other country but can I whine though? ^^

I hate it!! I don’t know any single soul in Korea who is glad to hear this news, when Korean government decides to increase the subway fare to another 200 won from the current 900 won (less than 10km distance).

I’m not even a Korean..hahaha and why am I getting crazy here?

I went home on 27th February and didn’t realize that the increment of Seoul subway fare has increased since 25th of February cause I just stayed home on the weekend and M.Y. family sent me to the airport.

Right after I reached Incheon Airport, I used the local bus to go to Incheon when I returned to Korea on 5th March and still didn’t realize it until after I used the subway. I saw the charge was 1,050won. What happened?

So I thought that there’s something wrong with my T-Money card but when M.Y. told me that the petrol price was so high recently, it hit my thinking cap then. Yikes!!

Bad..this is bad.

If you use T-Money card, your basic fare will start with 900 won plus the increased fare of 150 won.
So I guess that they opted for 150 won increment instead of 200 won but still… T_T

Korean government mentioned that Seoul subway fare hasn’t been increased since the last four years. Yeah right..duhhh..

What does this mean? Anything else will start to follow suit..increase and increase.

As one Korean citizen aptly said “Everything goes up except for my salary. Do you want me to live or die?”

Just be aware that you might need to bring more cash from home if you plan to travel to Korea this 2012.

Note: As of January 2016, the subway minimum fare is 1,350 won to by cash and 1.250 won by T-Money card. An increase of 200 won since 2012. What a hike!

0 thoughts on “Subway fare increased in Seoul

  1. tula kak zarina … T.T

    mmg thn ni bajet utk transportation saya makin bertambah… for sure harga22 brg2 pn naek kn? adoi… 3mggu di seoul… seronok… tp klu sumer harga naik mendadak, sure saya pn terkejut sgt nnti…

  2. seyes ker harga brg naek kt korea…omo…we are planning to go there this coming may…TT_TT
    Can't imagine lah…7 days kot ktorg kt sn…any idea x we shud bring berape WON$$…huhu.


  3. So… I should really buy the T-Money? Oh dear God, I'm schedule to leave Korea in like three days and I am not even done planning. Any tips?

  4. Thanks sis…
    hopefully can meet u there.hihi…
    btw,its 14 mac today…happy white day…(^_^)


  5. Hi. I was wondering how cold is Seoul during this coming 1st week of April? My wife and I are having our vacation and this is our first time to Korea. We are clueless about the current weather. Searched few website telling different stories about the weather. Since are are staying there. Maybe u can advice us on the weather and what to wear? Thanks.

  6. Hi there. I'll be in Seoul this Saturday. Can't wait. I was hoping u could advise me on which is seoul south Korea best telco and data line gives best coverage for me to use roaming?

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