How to go to Everland?

There are many ways on how to go to Everland but at BudgetTravel2Korea, we definitely need the cheapest. However, if you do have the budget to go with other means, all options are yours.

Cheaper but more transits.

Method 1:

Take  bus 5002.

If you want to at least secure a seat, make sure that you head over to the bus stop near Sinnonhyeon Station (pronounced Shin non hyeon)/JooRyooSeong building and be among the first in the long queue.

For me, if I find the queue is too long, I will wait for the next 5002 bus instead.

You can go to this bus stop from Sinnonhyeon Station, Line 9, exit 6 or Gangnam Station, Line 2, exit 10.

Once you get out from the exit of either of the stations above, follow the map below and wait at the bus station, number 1 (highlighted in blue).

gangnam to everland bus

Bus fare:
The bus fare from Gangnam Station to Everland is 2,600 won but if you transit from subway then the fare will be the different. For example, from Myeongdong station to Gangnam station (by subway) and Gangnam station to Everland (by bus) will cost you about 3,200won . ^^ (as of 15th January 2016)

Total duration: about 2 hours (subway  from Seoul + 5002 bus ride + shuttle bus to Everland’s main gate)

Method 2

Take bus 5007.

This bus is from Gangbyeon Station, Line 2 (green). You have to go to exit 4 and wait for the bus at the bus stop – Technomart/Gangbyeon station.

Personally, I have never taken bus from here as the bus takes about 60 to 80 minutes to reach Everland. Normally, I take the bus 5002 from Gangnam as in method 1.

gangbyeon to everland bus

Easy but slightly expensive.

Non-stop tour bus (round trip).
Venue: Seoul City Hall, main gate of Korea Press center.
Time: Seoul to Everland – 9.30am / Everland to Seoul – 6.00pm
Fare: 12,000 won
Duration: ~ about 50 minutes
Reservation: Please call Daesung Tour – 031-919-1244 or click the link here.

Note: You should stay until 9.00pm to view the fireworks (basically spend one whole day at Everland), so it’s impossible if you use the non-stop tour bus.

FYI, on your return from Everland, there’s also a bus to Sadang station (Line 4/ Line 2) – Bus number1500-2 and you will be tempted to ride this bus if you stay around Line 4 or 2.

My advice, DO NOT RIDE bus number 1500-2. It took me about 1 hour 20 minutes to reach Seoul!!! I was so irked cause I thought that taking this bus would safe my time instead of going from Gangnam Station, but it wasn’t. If you take bus number 5002 from Gangnam Station to Everland, it will take only about 40 minutes.

9 thoughts on “How to go to Everland?

  1. Hi Zarina, thank you for your valuable info again 🙂

    It's the first time I learn about getting to Everland by tour bus. It's perfect for me as I'm going to travel with children. Pay bit more for convenience. No transits.

    Is 10,000 won for round trip? Bus ticket needs early reservation or can buy on spot?

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi do you know where to check the last bus out from Everland? both the tour bus and normal bus. I checked from the everland website, none written.

  3. Anonymous,

    This is only if you use the T-Money card. T-Money will record your last mode of transportation within the last 30 minutes.

    So when you ride the bus to Everland, tap your T-Money card to the reader in the bus, it will automatically calculate the fare with the discount.

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