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Prayer room at Everland

For Muslims going to Everland, there’s a prayer room/ 기도실 next to Mystery Mansion. There is no signboard outside the steel door though.

This signboard is inside the room..true but not appropriately done ^^

No spot to perform the ablution so do it at any other restroom. They provide a sink though but it gonna messed up the carpet and the dampness made the room smelly and stuffy.

No telekung or sejadah, so bring your own.’s for everyone hence no separate room for men and women.

In case you found that the door is locked, ask for the key from the Everland officer at the Mystery Mansion. They will definitely assist you. Insha Allah, as always they have helped me.

In winter, the room is cold and there is no heater in the room. I guess we just have to bear it. Allah will make it easy for us. Insha Allah.

0 thoughts on “Prayer room at Everland

  1. Salam Zarina,

    K.Lily kat sini. Still ingat akak & family? Lama x update blog? Super busy? Anyway, lambat sangat awak update this prayer room, dah selamat balik pun. But next time, akak pastikan jumpa tempat solat ni. Akhirnya awak sampai Everland?. Good for you..

  2. thanks kak. kami baru ja smpi seoul time akak update entry ni. dan bila kami smpi di everland dptla cari bilik ni.ada sinki ja kt dlm tu. thank u so much.byk post akak y membantu.thanks!

  3. Salam. My friends and i are planning to go to korea on 4-7 feb 2013. We already bought the ticket. Right now we really need a tourist guide and recommendation on accommodation and interesting places that we can visit. If you are available to guide us, email me your charges and list of accommodations that we can book. [email protected]

  4. Salam Zarina,
    Zarina provide guide sampai outside of seoul tak, Gwangju maybe?It's after raya (arrive in Incheon on 23.08.2012, morning, but but flight back to Malysia is not yet bought). So if you free on the said date, tolong email saya kat [email protected]. Thanks yer.

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