Back for Summer in Seoul

Cheonggyecheon in summer1Dipping my feet at Cheonggyecheon just because the weather is too hot.

After 2 weeks gaining slightly above 2 kilograms; all because of Malaysian food and now I’m back in full gear!! It is now summer in Seoul and hopefully it will not be as hot as in Malaysia. *Sigh..*

According to Wikipedia, based on their record from 1981 to 2010, summer in Seoul’s weather reads as below:

Jun’s record low / high: 8.8 / 37.2

July’s record low / high: 12.9 / 38.4

August’s record low / high: 13.5 / 38.2

**Readings are all in Celcius.Cheonggyecheon in summer

Cheonggyecheon in summer.

Reached Incheon airport today at about 6 am (AirAsia did it again and again!! Most of the time arrived before schedules and I’m proud of them ^______^).

Note: This is not an advertisement on behalf of AirAsia..hehe.

Ground temperature at Incheon as announced by the pilot was 16 degree celcius but my body still has the remaining leftover heat from Malaysia..hehe.

By the way, I have a huge huge announcement to make today!!


Guess what?

I will be staying in goshiwon aka rat hole in Sinchon starting this June.ย Room size – about 2 single mattress put side by side. :O..super duper small! I’m just lucky that I’m not a claustrophobic if not I will be doomed!

Monthly rental fee 300,000won inclusive of free wifi, laundry, rice and kimchi. Nice!! I love kimchi..nyam, nyam.

Why only now that I decided to move?

Because the goshiwon has a rooftop..just like in the Rooftop Prince Korean drama. ^___^ Will update the picture soon!

But that’s not the whole point of me moving out from Incheon.

If you read my previous posts, I mentioned that I have been living with Korean family since last year November.ย One, two….lalala..lalilu..about seven months!!

I’m indebted with the kind family, very much but it’s about time to move on.’s gonna burn a hole in my pocket and I hope you my faithful readers could help me by promoting this blog more and tell your friends to take me as their tour guide.. T_T..*sigh* advertisement..hihi. This way..I could pay my rat hole and survive in South Korea.


Arghhh…really really tired!!

I went straight to my goshiwon via AREX after reaching Incheon Airport. No breakfast no nothing. You know what!! I slept the whole journey until Seoul Station and I was suppose to get down at Hongik University Station. Aigoo..aigoo..

When I reached the goshiwon, the owner was not there, my handphone was out of battery, my luggage is more than 20kgs and there’s no elevator and I felt like %$$^%^&*^&*$$$%#[email protected]#!#!!

I’m cool.. wiping off my sweat, left my things at the front door, wrote a memo for the owner that I will come again tomorrow morning.

And now… I’m back in Incheon; packing up my remaining stuff for tomorrow.


I need some sleep..Good night? nope..good afternoon..

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  1. Sis, saya baru balik ber-backpacking last week dengan husband (4-10/6/2012). Siap pergi Jeju!! Many thanks to you. Sangat bermanfaat utk kami ๐Ÿ™‚

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