Goshiwon – My Personal Review

I am currently staying in Goshiwon. What is really a goshiwon? It is actually a Korean word which means a small kinda box room which mainly used by students to study peacefully in their own confined space.

My room size – length 195cm, width 165cm, height 230cm

Almost a month now.

How did I find this goshiwon?

Easy.. cause now we have English website to find goshiwon or hasukjib. At least, one worry less. Don’t know Korean?..then it’s another story. heheh ^^

  • Goshipages – I love love this resourceful page. Good for you who lack the language.
  • Gosi1 – This is a hardcore one. ONLY in Korean but I love it as it’s all under one roof and you can compare prices, facilities and find the cheapest of them all!!

As you know, my number one priority is $$$ aka budget. I had put my limit to be less than 300,000 won ~ RM900 per month.

Omigosh..RM900?!! for a rat hole..that’s about a fully furnished middle sized apartment’s monthly rental rate in maybe Shah  Alam or Kajang (please correct me cause I might be wrong).

But what comes with this 300,000won goshiwon?
  • small…really small room – fits a single bed x 2..that’s how big my room is
  • a small fridge
  • a small television – I have 7 channels: TV shopping, KBS1, KBS2, MBC, EBS, Recital/Orchestra, CBS
  • Internet connection – just LAN, no wifi
  • free rice and kimchi – all the time
  • inclusive of utility bills – water, gas, electricity
  • separate bathroom, shower room and kitchen
  • separate laundry room – free detergent

My review

I have stayed in dormitory style room since the age of 13 and I couldn’t care less about the size. When I was young, I told my mother that when I grow up I just want a house the size of police barrack cause I hate to tidy up my room.

Hahaha…big room will have big mess. Right?

I love Japanese style home..really clean, minimal decoration, Zen….so I will just get a maid to do all the cleaning..haha. So lazy me! I bet when I have my own house, I just have a Kotatsu (Japanese style) and Japanese ikebana at a corner of my house. Honest!

Mother: “So where will I sit down? Not even a sofa?”
Me: “Nope. I want to keep my house simple and neat. So you can sit on the floor.”
Mother: “I won’t come to your home, ever!!”
Me: “Hahaha so that’s why I don’t have a home till now. I know you will hate it.”Note: My mother don’t speak English, I just translated our conversation. ^^ Arghh..I miss my nagging mother!

OMG..where is my review? hahaha..

Ok..seriously, let’s go to my REAL point now.

There’s no social life if you stay in Goshiwon. Frankly, it’s just a place for me to sleep.

Why don’t I just stay in a guesthouse?

I want a personal room. Cheap one. Period.

Single or personal room will set me off from 30,000won ~ 50,000won per night. If the cheapest personal room in a guesthouse is 30,000won per night x 30 nights = 900,000won. 

Not cost effective!

My daily life: I wake up at 7am, take the train at 8am and have class from 10am to 9pm every day during weekdays. Reach home at about 10 or 11pm and the cycle goes on everyday. 

Weekend: I will try to catch up on my sleep or meeting some friends or go to Itaewon mosque for Muslims meetup on Saturdays.

If I have tourists: I will just attend the night class and forego my morning one. There you go, good student! *a pat on my back* hehe..well, money is the fuel for keeping my expenses anyway.

I am yet to discover the coziness of hasukjib though. A friend told me the room is bigger, with nice banchan ( side dishes) for breakfast and dinner. No lunch though. But you get to socialize more with the people in hasukjib and get to talk with the ahjumma as well. My friend paid at least 400,000won.

But I attend school everyday and sometimes I miss speaking in English or Malay you know? classmates are Chinese, Japanese, Myanmar and Vietnamese so they hardly speak English. Hence, I don’t see the difference if I stay in goshiwon or hasukjib.

My goshiwon is on the 4th floor, no elevator and about 5 minutes walking distance from the subway. I have no major complaint as of now except for the unstable internet connection and no WiFi option.

My goshiwon’s rooftop but no Rooftop Prince here! T_T

Do I feel lonely now living by myself, alone? Somewhat..T_T but I’m enjoying every seconds. So much time to reflect on my past, presence and the future.

How to book a goshiwon?

You have to email or call.

Calling being the fastest of the two options but if you have time on hand, emailing would be less nerve wracking.

My calling script:

요보세요. 방을 찾고 싶은데요.
Yoboseyo. Bang el chajgo shippen de yo.
Hello. I’m looking for a room.

제일 작은 방이 얼마예요?
Jae il jagen bang ee olmayeyo?
How much is the smallest room?

창문이 있는 방이 있으세요?
Changmun it nen bang ee isse seyo?
Do you have room with window?

How much?

언제 가능해요?
Onjae ganeng hae yo?
When is possible to enter/to book?

예약금 어떻게 돼요?
Yeyak gem ottohke dwae yo?
How much should I pay for the booking?

Note: It’s better for you to go personally and check the room before you pay the deposit.

I know it’s not a comprehensive guide but still…
Hope it would help those who want to find a cheaper option than a guesthouse.

19 thoughts on “Goshiwon – My Personal Review

  1. Salam Eira, suke ngan blog akak psal korea..

    FYI, sy n husband pegi korea end of Nov ni..

    nak tanya sis ni..baget tuk couple kt Yongpyong Ski Resort agak2 berapa ye?

    sy plan kt sana 2 malam..

    1 lagi, macam mana nak pegi ke Yongpyong Ski Resort dari Korean Folk Village ye?

    ada suggestion transport tak?

    Harap sis boleh balas and dpt bantu k..terima kasih 🙂

  2. Unni~ That's super expensive for a small small room 정말비싸다 >.<! I wonder how you survive there??! I wanna follow your footsteps too!! hehe..

  3. Hallo zarina, kl hasukjib itu apa boleh cuma sewa 1 bulan saja?
    kalau sudah termasuk makan pagi dan malam, kenapa zarina gak ambil hasukjib saja? makanan di Korea kan mahal, bukannya kalau ambil hasukjib jadi lebih murah?

  4. Neng Geoliz,
    hasukjib boleh sewa 1 bulan saja.
    saya tidak bisa makan benda yang sama berulang2 kali..hehe

    di goshiwon saya ada nasi dan kimchi percuma, jadi saya makan sama banchan yang di beli atau makanan dari Malaysia ^^

  5. W'salam Dae Eira,

    It's gonna be expensive if you want to stay at the hotel. I suggest just make a day trip if you're on budget.
    If you wanna splurge, then to stay per night plus one day admission for more than 200,000won per pax.

    Korean folk village tu kat Yongin ke? ada banyak folk village, so tell me the exact details please.

  6. Terima kasih Zarina atas jawaban sebelumnya.
    Memangnya hasukjib itu sedia makanannya itu2 saja? saya oktober nanti akan les selama 1 bulan di sinchon.jadi bingung mau ambil hasukjib atau gosiwon.kalau hasukjib sedikit sekali informasinya di internet.Kalau beli banchan, sekali beli habis berapa? saya mau berhemat karena saya sudah browsing, harga makanan mahal2 sekali.
    Terima kasih ^^

  7. Hi just a question, have you ever came across do you think in your opinion that it is a credible website??

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      I have never come across gosiwonstory. Personally, I would not pay anything online unless I have seen the room and the facilities of the goshiwon with my own eyes. This is because many times, I didn’t get the same feel of the room which I saw from the photos. They can be deceiving. 🙂

      My advice is to stay for a day or two at any cheap guesthouse or hostel and then ‘shop’ around for goshiwon. There are so so many of them! You can haggle the rate too. Don’t be shy.

      The best is to have a Korean friend who could do the haggling for you.
      Good luck!

  8. I will be in Korea next year to futher my study and I’m wondering which of this two is better- living in a uni dorm or goshiwon?
    Which one will b cheaper and better in general? I also don’t mind living in a small room, I just want to save cost as I will have to spend years there in Korea 🙂
    thanks in advance!

    1. Salam Amirah,
      Uni dorm, you still need to share the room with at least another person, and it is not that big and quite costly. You need to clean your own bathroom and fix a schedule with your roommate to maintain the cleanliness of the room and what not.

      I prefer goshiwon although it is smaller but it is cheaper and I have my own private space. they offer free rice and kimchi. Although the kitchen and bathroom area are shared but there is ajumma who will clean it everyday, so I don´t need to do extra chores.

      However, if you are claustrophobic, I don´t recommend goshiwon.

  9. Hi,

    I have found a goshiwon to my liking on goshipages, but I have no idea on how to book a room with them. The owner gave me the bank account details for me to transfer my deposit, but how will I know that they have received my money and reserve a room for me?
    I’m afraid that I won’t get an official receipt and might be scammed.
    Do you have any ideas regarding this?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Victoria,
      From my experience, I will not pay, not even deposit for the room until I see the room with my own eyes. This is because many of the goshiwon is not actually what it seems when u arrive there at their premises. Trust me!
      My advice is to stay a night or two at any hostel and start going to all the goshiwon that you have searched and liked. Call the owner that you want to have a view to do a goshiwon eye-shopping. They will entertain you. Check how clean is the room, the shared bathroom and the kitchen area. After you have seen all the goshiwons, then you decide.
      It is better to do it this way.

  10. Hi, may i know what is the name of the goshiwon that you have stayed in? May i know if it is near any university?

    1. Hi pico,
      The goshiwon is Sinchon Goshiwon near Sinchon station, Line 2 ( Yonsei University) . As of July 2018, they are still operating, it is located above a chobab(sushi) restaurant called PIECE and across the road is a stationary shop called ARTBOX.

  11. I was going through your blog about shipping fees..: I stay in korea for 1 1/2 months.. I rented a goshitek from the Goshipages. It cost me about 360,000 won … a room with a window but all I see is building.. mine is at Sinchon. I got the same thing as what you get… but the noise that came from the restaurant as most of it 24/7 open, norebang and club music… its so lively at night and very quiet during days… its comfortable for long terms..

  12. hi tq for the review! enjoyed it! dan sy nk tanya, blh x awk suggest guest house yg murah dan ok around seoul? ty in advance btw~

    1. Salam Siti,
      Sorry, banyak sangat dan saya tak boleh bagi honest review sebab tak pernah duduk guesthouse2 tu.
      U boleh cari dekat atau dan baca review.
      Apa yang saya selalu buat, saya akan cek dekat google maps alamat guesthouse tu dulu kalau betul2 dekat dan tengok image google map kalau jalan nak pergi ke guesthouse tu naik bukit ke tak sebab Seoul ni berbukit2.
      Lepas tu kalau rajin, cuba compare dengan review dekat TripAdvisor. Kadang2 review dari TripAdvisor lebih reliable.

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