Seoul Rainy Season 장마

Seoul rainy season 장마 has started! I was with Effa and Ezza shopping around Ewha University yesterday and it started raining.

Initially, I was a bit thankful as the day had been crazily hot since morning but after we stepped out from Lotte Mart near Seoul Station…………. it started raining cats and dogs!!

We were in and out of Daiso like three times at three different locations – Hongdae, Ewha and Sinchon eyeing a pretty umbrella but in the end we didn’t get one! So silly…cause the umbrella was only 5,000 won..and PREEEETTTTY aigoo.

I’m gonna grab one for sure today.

A Hello Kitty umbrella out of my room. So kawaii!!

Here is the week’s weather forecast for Seoul by Yahoo!

I think I will be seeing many pretty rain boots sold along the street of Sinchon today. Should I get one?

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  1. hi Zarina,
    I'm going to Seoul next week with a friend and your guidelines are quite helpful 🙂 Is there anything you need to alarm me about the weather? i hope it won't ruin the vacation hihi

  2. Hai Zarina

    Akak ada email you sbb I need you as my tourist guide for my coming Nov trip. Pls check your email.

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