Seoul Subway Season Pass

I would like to thank my friend Pei Lin from Taiwan who helped me to save on my transportation fee.

We had class together at Korean Foundation and she accidentally pulled out her Seoul Subway Season Pass instead of the regular access card to exit the building.

When she was denied the exit, I was curious and she explained what was the card for.

Seoul Subway Season Pass (정기승차권)

Let me just give you a rough idea on how much I spent for transportation in Seoul.

I have classes everyday in the morning and 3 times at night. Assuming that I :

  1. use T-Money card
  2. calculate the cost just for my classes on weekday 
  3. only by subway
  4. no sightseeing

Sinchon station to Samsung station = 1,250won 1,450won*
2 times per day x 5 days x 4 weeks = 40 times  = 58,000 won

Sinchon station to City Hall station = 1,050won 1,250won*
2 times per day x 3 days x 4 weeks = 24 times = 30,000won

Total = 88,200won ~ RM325

On monthly basis, my transportation fees surpassed RM500 mark easily inclusive of sightseeing and touring on weekdays.

According to Pei Lin, I will save about 25,000won 33,000 won* with Seoul Subway Season Pass (정기승차권).

Talk about saving!! 33,000won is worth a few lunches or even a few pieces of summer clothes! Not much but still it helps for a 백수 like me. 

Term and condition of Seoul Subway Season Pass  (정기승차권).

  1. Card can be purchased at major subway stations for 2,500 won. (I bought mine at Hongdae Station).
  2. Card can be reloaded only at subway stations ie the normal T-Money reload machine. Just put your card first and a different interface will automatically popped up.
  3. Card can only be used for Seoul Metro subways – 9 lines and up to 20km / 25km (Section 1).
  4. Card can be used for 60 rides per month. If 60 rides finish before a full month then you need to reload. If you use less than 60 rides per month, the remaining rides will not be carried forward.
  5. For 60 rides, per 30 days = 46,200 won 55,000 won*

*Calculation is as of December 2015

More detail info is here (Only in Korean)

Just for calculation sake
55,000won / 60 rides = 917 won per ride!!

I should have known this earlier!!

If you stay for a week or so in Seoul, then just buy the T-Money card.

If you stay more than a month and use the subway for more than 60 times per month like myself, this card is worth the price.

As I checked with the subway officer, you may use the card to Gimpo Airport but not to Incheon Airport.

If your ride is more than 20km/25km (which is out of Section 1, a few rides will be automatically deducted from the 60 rides.

My only complaint about this card: Why can’t it be used for bus?!! ^^

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  1. Hi eonnie,wanna ask,i'm planning a 7-9 day trip to Seoul next year,lol I know I'm overexcited in planning but there's no over-planning right?

    So what i wanna ask is,how much will a tourist normally spend on transport(i guess I will mainly take subway and buses) per day? I allocated about 10000won which i think more than enough but seeing the season pass is cheaper than my 10000won x 9 days = 90000won allocation,by half,do you think i should get the season pass or the T-money? Will i be spending more than 46k won for subway for just 9 days in Seoul? What is the maximum no of trips you usually take for subway when you tour the city?

    Sorry for the many questions >.<

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