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Cheongwadae Tour – Meet up Korea President


You can’t meet up the ex- president of South Korea – Lee Myung-bak personally. I’m sorry.

He says “This year could be a great time to spend summer vacation in Korea”. What?!! with the 장마철? jang ma cheol – rainy season around..not a very good idea though.

Anywhoo..back to Cheongwadae shall we?

Instead of roaming just outside of the helm of Cheongwadae or the Blue House, you can actually enter the sacred place. With some restriction of course.

I haven’t experienced the tour myself but according to Pei Lin who has followed the tour last month, she received a Cheongwadae mug as a momento.

I want!! Heheh..I love FREE stuff..aigoo..

How to participate into Cheongwadae Tour?

You have to go to the website to apply online. No more email is accepted for the reservation. Choose the date/number of tour participants.
Cheongwadae tour1
Warning: No English tour guide. It will be only in Korean as of now. Do your due diligence before you visit Cheongwadae which is read all the stuff yourself. ^^ It’s all in the website.

Say I selected 17th of February and 3PM tour, click submit.
Cheongwadae tour2
Fill up your details as in the above: First/Middle Name, Last Name, Passport Number, Email and Email Confirmation Code.
After you key in your email address, click the button ‘Confirmation Code’ to get the code. Once you click it, another window will pop up stating ‘A confirmation code has been sent to your e-mail.’
Cheongwadae tour3
You will receive an email with the confirmation code as above and after filling in the code at Cheongwadae application form, click the button ‘Confirm’ and another pop up window will tell you that ‘Email confirmation completed.’
Cheongwadae tour4
After that, read all the ‘Agreement to the Collection of Personal Information’, click ‘Agree to the above’ and press the ‘Next’ button.
Cheongwadae tour5
After you fill up all the above, click’ Next’ button. You may need to use the email confirmation code as reference number and before you go, check out all the tour procedures FAQ here and all about the tour information here.

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