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Hongdae Graffiti – 벽화거리

I admire how Korean love and appreciate art in their society or rather.. how there’s consciousness to educate the public on appreciating art and without doubt Hongdae Graffiti alley is one of the spots in Seoul that screams art.

They give a lot of details in intricate design and made it a point to be shared for people of now and the future to see. Countless of art galleries in Seoul too to visit, many of them are FREE and I love it.

One of the places worth visiting is Hongdae where self interpretation and fresh art meet.

Although I live nearby Hongdae honestly, I don’t know the place well. Every time I visit Hongdae, my curiosity remains hungry.

Say if I follow one alley, I will see something intriguing. If I stroll another alley it offers another mind blowing picturesque view.

Never never… get enough of Hongdae.

Top: Kang Mu Gyul’s house from Marry Me Mary Korean Drama

Bottom: Featured in Marry Me Mary Korean Drama

I have discussed this too many times with my friends that Ewha, Sinchon and Hongdae are worth a visit. They exude different vibe. Definitely.

Among the three, IMO Hongdae gives me kinda magnetic pull like fresh energy.

I have been questioning myself, what’s a good reason to visit Hongdae? I’m not into clubbing so that’s outta question.

For me, not the Hello Kitty Cafe’, Coffee Prince Cafe’ or even the Trick Art Museum.

I came to Hongdae strolling its alley looking for the tiny changes.

Today…. might be different than yesterday.

Someone told me that if I start to appreciate blooming flowers on the road side, that…. could be a sign of me getting older. Omo! O-O hehehe..

Recently, I went to Hongdae Graffiti Street or in Korean 벽화거리 (Byeokhwagori)
벽화 = mural
거리 = street/road

I went there 3 times – on my own, with Feia and Nadiah and recently with Min Young.

Each visit surprised me.

How to go to Hongdae Graffiti Street (벽화거리)?

Courtesy: Chupa Chups

Take the subway to Hongik Station, Line 2, exit 9. Walk straight out of the exit unti you find a traffic light and turn left, walk up the hill until you find the entrance of Hongik University.

Feia and her sister; Nadiah with a volunteer for donation. Surprisingly he was collecting donation for a school near Batu Caves, Malaysia O-O

If you’re not too familiar with Korean Language..Hongdae is actually the abbreviation of Hongik Daehakgyo (Hongik University) 홍익 대학교 abbreviated to 홍대. I prefer to call the place as Hongdae rather than Hongik.

This alley is just next to Hongik University’s main entrance. Walk from here and you will find many of the graffiti.

5 thoughts on “Hongdae Graffiti – 벽화거리

  1. Hi Zarina, I explore your blog and amazed on how you see places they way that i like. maybe becos we both has malay root? haha.
    particularly about Hongdae area, i agree with you. love the vibe so much.

  2. Lawak gambar StarBucks tu hahaha… tah2 xprasan kot ko Zarina

    Anyway be careful lah kt sana… Kim Jong-un dh kensel peace pact dgn SK… always baca breaking news oke?

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