War Memorial of Korea

Syahir and his family

Guys would definitely like War Memorial of Korea. I am kinda tomboyish at heart myself…so I prettttty like this kind of museum. There are so many tankers, fighter jets, helicopters… to check out. Awesome!!

If you see the two soldiers statue behind them (the picture above), called as the Statue of Brothers tells a lot about Korea’s history. They are two brothers torn apart by the war, one was soldier for South Korea and the other was for North Korea.

You should watch this movie titled – Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War starring Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin; which portrayed many similarities with the Statue of Brother’s story.

I especially love the small exhibition room right down under the statue. A very amazing place to take some pictures inside there.

Nadia and her parents

If you don’t have time to explore everything..just marvel at the pretty displays outside of the museum. I feel that kinda enough at least for me.

Inside the museum is pretty neat too but what set this museum off from the rest of the museums in Seoul or South Korea are the tankers, fighter jets, helicopters. I love them!! If only I have one for display at my hometown…*sigh*

War Memorial of Korea is an ideal museum to visit because it is very near to Itaewon. If you take the bus number 421 from the bus stop in front of Hamilton Hotel, it is just three stations away.

If you have no idea what to do after visiting the Itaewon Mosque and had your halal meal, I would advise you to check out War Memorial of Korea.

As a tour guide myself, War Memorial of Korea is not only a place to stamp your memory there by taking some historical selfies but you can also learn one or two historical facts about South Korea.

The admission is FREE. ^__^
Closed every Monday though.

How to go to War Memorial of Korea (전쟁기념관)?

If you are from Itaewon, you can take the blue bus number 421 (the bus stop is near Hamilton Hotel, in the direction towards Noksapyeong)  which will stop right in front of War Memorial of Korea.

Otherwise you can stop at Samgakji Station, Line 4 or 6, exit 12. Walk about 5 minutes from the exit.
More information from KNTO is here.

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