Yeosu-Jeju Spring 2013 Excursion – summary


So this time I decided to take some time off from my routine.

Burnt out. Period.

Earlier in April…Feia, Lisa and me planned an impromptu trip; a 4 days 3 nights getaway to the southern part of South Korea – Yeosu and Jeju Island.

I have never been to Yeosu before, so I’m a bit excited to see the beach. Never been a fan of crowd so I am grateful that I don’t go gaga over Yeosu Expo’s hype back in 2012.

But the trip to Jeju Island this time was like saying farewell to my lover so it rained cry me a river sorta..hehe.

Just summarizing our trip expenses for your general idea. The rate may change in future so this is just for comparison.

20th April
Subway – Sinchon station to Express bus terminal station = 1,150 won (T-Money)
Snack – Paris Baguette and milk ~ 4,000 won
Bus to Yeosu = 33,800 won

Total = 38,950 won

21st April
1 night stay at Yeosu = 45,000won / 3pax = 15,000 won per pax
Snack from convenience store ~ 2,000 won
Tram ride at Udong Island = 500 won
Bus in Yeosu city ~ 4,000 won about 3-4 trips
Snack – Paris Baguette ~5,000 won
Lunch in Yeosu = 8,000 won per pax
Snack and dinner in E-mart ~ 6,000 won
Coffee at A Twosome Place ~ 7,000 won

Total = 47,500 won

22nd April
Bus to Mokpo = 13,000won per pax
Taxi from Mokpo bus terminal to Mokpo port = 5,800won per ride / 3 pax ~ 2,000won er pax
Snack at 7-Eleven ~ 3,000 won
Bus from Jeju Port to Jeju Airport ~ 1,500won (local bus, 1 transfer)
Car Rental from KT Rental  ~ 58,000 won for 2 days / 3 pax ~ 19,300won per pax
Lunch at Jeju city = 4,500won
Chocolate drink at ChocoArt = 4,500won
2 nights stay at Jeju Hiking Inn = 81,000won for 2 nights (triple bed) / 3 pax = 27,000won per pax

Total = 74,800 won

23rd April
Breakfast at Kimbap Cheongguk = 6,500 won
Bread and coffee at Tours Les Jous = 6,000 won
Umbrella from CU’s = 8,000 won
Car Park at Seopjikoji = 500 won
Udo ferry entrance = 35,100 won for 3 pax + car entrance / 3pax = 11,700 won
Dinner and bun at Seogwipo local market = 10,500 won = 3,500 won

Total = 36,200 won

24th April
Breakfast Tours Le Jous = 3,000won
Petrol/gasoline refill = 49,400 won / 3 pax  ~ 16,500 won per pax
O’sulloc tea ~ 11,000 won
Flight ticket to Gimpo Airport = 54,100 won
Gimpo Airport to Sinchon station by AREX = 1,250 won

Total = 85,850

All total = 283,300 won  (~ RM849.90)
**conversion rate 1,000 won = RM3 for easy reference
**you might need to include 10,000won ++

There you go, 4 days 3 nights excursion to Yeosu and Jeju Island for less than 300,000 won or RM900!!
However, I didn’t spend a single cent on souvenirs or splurged on shopping. Just bought the necessary stuff. So you might want to put some miscellaneous for shopping.

Ahhh..I miss this trip already and wishing for more chances to stroll Jeju beaches.

0 thoughts on “Yeosu-Jeju Spring 2013 Excursion – summary

  1. Salam akak..insyaallah g jeju nexr year tp mmg backpacker habis. Xde tour guide..ckp korea pun x reti.. hihi. Tapi thanks to akak sbb kan akak pny blog saya lh bayangkan nanti cmne nanti saya kt jeju.. tp saya dri busan..hopefully akak lh tolong kami 🙂

  2. hye sis… 😉 blh tak listkan mana snack yg halal d makan kt cafe Paris Baguette tuu.. dua tahun lps pnh msk kt area itaewon.. tp tak brani nk beli.. ;(…

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