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Busan 3D2N with Farah

This post is actually a backdated one, a trip from 9th to 11th April 2013, all thanks to the lovely and a very very humble girl from Singapore; Farah – Thank you so much.

Me at Gimpo Airport -taking Busan Air to Gimhae Airport.

I went to Busan as a tour guide.
All thanks to Farah that I was given this opportunity to rest my mind and my body near the cool and famous Haeundae beach.

Waiting area, before boarding at Gimpo Airport.

It was my fourth time to Busan and I really feel like at home. I prefer smaller city like how I love Osaka over Tokyo. The same goes with Busan…but a warning for first-timer-entry-to-South Korea-via-Busan.

Busan is pretty much laid back as compared to the capital city; Seoul. For the umpteenth time, I just cannot..not to miss the Busan saturi = dialect. It sounds so sexy to my ears!

It kinda amazed me how I just love the intonation when people use saturi.

If you ever watched Dream High; The character Song Sam Dong played by Kim Soo Hyun spoke in saturi = dialect…Gyeongsangbuk-do saturi I guess..but I can’t nail the exact district. Ilsan? Masan? Ulsan? Busan? Hmmm…If in Malaysia, that would be so “kampung” of Song Sam Dong..hehe.

Out from the arrival hall at Gimhae Airport – following the crowds to take Busan Metro for Haeundae. Read the sign ‘부산김해경전철 타는곳’

I stayed near Haeundae beach and the view of the beach was superb! The weather was great but rather cold for a dip in the beach but the sunshine…oh..sunshine. I was in love.

There wasn’t much places covered during our trip to Busan, only:

  1. Haeundae Beach
  2. Yonggungsa or Yonggung temple
  3. Gwangalli Beach
  4. Gamcheon Cultural Village
  5. Jagalchi Market
  6. PIFF
  7. Lotte Shopping Complex at Nampo-dong

And..we covered only half day by walking and the rest of the time with taxi. Well not cheap…but Farah had blisters on her feet from her exhaustive 7-day-Seoul trip before coming to Busan. She burnt herself pretty good..heheh..Farah, I told you so lah!

Walk towards that covered pedestrian area.

I will try to write a few posts for the places covered in Busan during this trip but for now..I really need my wink. My dark-circle has gone down my cheeks, yikes!!

Busan Metro Information.

That lovely girl; Farah

Hope this post helps to give you the feel of Gimhae Airport once you walk out to find Busan Metro. ^^

안녕히 주무십시오.

5 thoughts on “Busan 3D2N with Farah

  1. hello…can i know is busan airport open 24 hours? coz i have a morning flight so i think i will stay in airport overnite… is it advisable? thanks

  2. hai, nk tye,

    1)subway busan ada escalator & lift x? especially area airport busan station dan jagalchi market?
    2) tmoney dekat busan sama x dgn seoul?
    3) better naik limosin bus @ subway dari airport (bawa mak 50 ++yrs)

    1. Salam Fatin,
      1-Subway Busan – Boleh cek website ni http://www.humetro.busan.kr/homepage/cyberstation/mapeng.do
      di bahagian bawah ada senarai facilities, klik button contohnya ‘elevator’ dia akan hightlight dengan titik merah di station yang ada facility tu.

      2-T-money boleh digunakan di Busan dan Seoul, boleh pastikan senarai tempat yang boleh guna TMoney di sini https://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/TRP/TP_ENG_8_1_1.jsp

      3-Bergantung kepada keadaan mak fatin, kalau lutut dia sihat, ok je naik subway tapi personally better naik bus

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