My wedding on 30.09.2013

Alhamdulillah…after finally making a decision to get married and leaving South Korea for a while…hehe..I am now a wife to a man that I dearly love.

It was a very private wedding in a mosque near my hometown attended only by my parents, my youngest brother, a few of my neighbors, the Imam and a few mosque officials.

This is truly a blessing from God, Alhamdulillah and I have never been happier.

I will keep blogging about Korea. Don’t worry! ^^

At the moment I am stationed in Madrid, Spain as my husband is currently working there. That will also allow me to blog about Spain now….which I errr….have no particular interest whatsoever yet.

Leaving Korea  was such a dread….arghhh!!

Hola España and annyeong Korea!

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  1. zarina… congrats!! muka dah nmpk seiras.. sure, serasi bersama kan? hehhee… In Shaa Allah… semoga diberkati Allah selalu… nanti, blh la mintak tips melawat Spain plak ya… hubby you ni, mesti bukan org Malaysia kan… nampak ala-ala Arab .. =) apapun Zarina, selamat menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai Isteri Mithali dan berbahagia selamanya …

  2. Tahniah! Being a silent reader all this while. And will continue to read if there's still update about Korea, because I just fall in love with this country.

    Hopefully will also hear about Spain next time. Would that be in this blog? Whatever your decision, please let us know! 😉

  3. Hi Zarina,

    Man Fai here. Really surprise to see you getting married so suddenly. But a pleasant surprise. 🙂


    Don't be sad about Spain so fast. You might love it soon. You can visit Barcelona Sagrada Familia, go watch the football match of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Or take a quick break at the neighbour county France. Paris, Eiffel Tower. 🙂

    The world is very huge. 🙂

  4. Zarina sshi. Congratulations! I was in Seoul for my doctorate from 2009-2012 and I used to follow your blog quite frequently and admire your sense of adventure to just up and leave Malaysia to study a foreign language. Hopefully you'll blog just as frequently from Spain from now on. Thanks for the helpful info all these years and best wishes in your new life.
    Regards, Asha.

  5. Assalamualikum zarina,

    Rasanya masih tak lambatkan nak ucapkan tahniahkan dari Kak Melati & Rizal. Nampaknya pernikahan ini seperti yang dirancangkan. Ringkas & afdhal. Semoga diberkati dunia & akhirat.

    Tahniah. Ahhhh….. rindunya dgn Asam tumis Korea.

  6. Waalaikumussalam Kak Melati & Abg Rizal,

    Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan pernikahan kami.

    Terima kasih atas ucapan tahniah. ^^

    heheh…saya pun kadang2 rindu makanan Korea

  7. Hi zarina, this is your fan from Brunei and i really really enjoy reading your blog. because i found, in 2011, me and my daughter take a dearing travel to south korea for a mere 14 days. Anyway, Congratulation! on your wedding and hope my late greeting is still new to you. please keep posting about korean of course new beginning of spain. Looking forward dear, cheers!

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