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Heuksando – Asam Pedas Myeongdong

My three guests – Kak Rai and her daughters; Mia and Nurin

Recommended by my friend, Feia. Initially I cannot even believe that there exists asam pedas in Korea. Well..well..there are many asam pedas restaurants in Seoul but the one asam pedas Myeongdong here is really worth mentioning.

I brought my three guests to Myeongdong to try another Korean ‘asam pedas Myeongdong’ restaurant other than Honam Sikdang in Namdaemun.

Honam Sikdang serves a meal of Korean ‘asam pedas’ for 8,000 won but Heuksando is cheaper! Only 6,000 7,000 won for Mackerel ‘asam pedas’.

This is Myeongdong we are discussing here!! For that price, it is considerably cheap…seriously dirt cheap. Nuff about the taste compared to Honam Sikdang?

Well, I think maybe Honam Sikdang is slightly….really really slightly tastier but you can never tell if this is your first time and you get FREE steamed egg there but not at Heuksando.

However….Heuksando wins in terms of price and the restaurant offers more comfortable dining experience. Unlike Honam Sikdang, Heuksando offers better space to move around and the interior is much much brighter.

Plus…Heuksando owner offered us yogurt drink like Yakult after we finished our meal but I am not sure if everyone will get this.

How to go to Heuksando in Myeongdong?


From Myeongdong Station, Line 4 (light blue), exit 6 —> walk straight until you see Frisbee (Apple store) –> turn right before Frisbee into a small alley

The address of Heuksando is: 서울특별시 중구 명동 2가 32-8
Phone number: 02-778-6285 / 02-779-1330

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  1. Assalamualaikum,
    I've been here last January and ordered 고등어조림. Extremely delicious and affordable I must say! Thanks for the recommendation, I went there after reading your blog actually hehe.

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