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Gyeongbok Palace in Winter

Gyeongbok in winter1

Gyeongbok Palace in winter until now is still my most favorite season to visit the palace. Of course, when it is covered in snow! There will be no special effect or gorgeous landscape without it. However, it is not every single day that it will snow in Seoul.

I would have to lower your expectation

…a bit when visiting South Korea during winter particularly Seoul. Some of us would like to experience their first time ever in their life to touch the snow and to see the snow fall. However, we must remind ourselves that the Mighty Creator holds the weather. 🙂

There was once during 2013 in January, a group of guests came during the harsh winter in January for about 8 days and I was their guide but….. NOT, I repeat…NOT a single day during their visit there was snow, yet alone the snow fall. Pity them..aigoo.

I know that it could be quite frustrating

…not to see the snow fall or even play with the snow but some of them who has no expectation at all surprisingly get the most! Subhanallah.

my dear guest

Well, for example is my lovely guests here from Brunei. The day before they came in February 2014, I thought that there wouldn’t be any snow because it was very cold yet no sign of snow fall. But then, at night when we were sleeping, the snow crazily came down and when we woke up…surprise, surprise!

So off we went to Gyeongbok Palace

Gyeongbok in winter3

The kids…err my guests were clicking their shutter like crazy to snap the amazing winter landscape of the palace. They were just like kids!! Shouting and I kid you not that there were like hundreds of pictures taken just within an hour visit.

Gyeongbok in winter2

Will you agree that Gyeongbok Palace in winter is ‘absolutamente’ gorgeous? Subhanallah.

How to go to Gyeongbok Palace?

Gyeongbok palace map

Take the subway to Gyeongbok Palace Station, line 3 (orange) and get out from exit 5.

I instantly fell in love with the interior of the station. It is just like an introduction of the palace and you can expect what you gonna get!

Just outside of the exit 5 is the National Palace Museum and across it is the huge Gyeongbok palace and you will not miss it!

It is closed every Tuesday and the adult fee is 3,000 won per pax.

More information from KNTO website is here and the Royal Palace site is here.

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  1. Salam Kak,
    Lama menyepi yer. Kak, nak tanya, kalau travel in group of 20paxs, ada cadangan tak macam mana nak sewa private mini bus ke, or any tour yg boleh handle?

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