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Seodaemun Prison History Museum

Seodaemun Prison3
When you intend to visit KPop or KDrama’s filming spot, why not reminisce on something closer to Koreans’ heart? Back to the old times. Shall we? Let’s visit Seodaemun Prison History Museum

Seodaemun Prison5
Can you believe that these pictures of Seodameun Prison are three years recently? They were taken on a white, snowy oh so pure…day on 6th of February 2013.

*Sigh* time flies.
Ya Allah, please make us among those who
use our time in this world wisely for your sake. Amin.

Seodaemun Prison4
Back to Seodamun Prison…This was my first time to visit a prison. Gekkk…Honestly, I hate anything about scary stuff ie ghosts, scary movies. I would never walk into a haunted house by myself and this include prison too.I know..I am chickened inside but my body is like a dinosaur..hahaha. “You can never judge a book by its cover” is very true.

However, Seodamun prison doesn’t have that eerily vibes from outside unlike what I thought. The prison is huge and the colors of the red bricks shined prettily against the bright sunlight with the blue sky.

It was built towards the end of Joseon dynasty by Japanese and if you visit Seodaemun Prison, you would be amazed by the architecture.

Seodaemun Prison2

This is the front of Seodaemun Prison where Giant-Korean Drama has some filming. I love the drama particularly of the story plot and it has so many great actors – Lee Bum Soo, Kim Soo Hyun, Hwang Jung Eum, Yeo Jin Gu and so many more. Mind you that it has 60 episodes. ^^

Feia and me visited the prison on a cold day and it was colder inside the prison. Maybe because the cold air was trapped inside.

There were so many buildings to explore in the premise but we skipped a few. The most poignant moment was when we listened to the screams and viewed the short montage of the people who survived and able to tell the stories of their torture and suffering.

How to go to Seodaemun Prison?
Seodaemun Prison1

Take the subway, Line 3 (Orange), Dongnimmun Station and go out from exit 5.

Admission fee: 3,000 won for adult.
Closed: Mondays and major holidays.
Check Korea Tourism website (KNTO) for more info here.

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