Seoul Subway Fare Calculation

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Yellow for android and blue for iPhone. 

Everyone has a smart phone nowadays and this is a blessing for easier trip without a guide in Korea. One such application that you cannot live without if you want to travel in Seoul is called Subway Korea.

It is pretty user-friendly and I will show you how you can use the subway application to do the Seoul Subway fare calculation and from there roughly calculate your daily budget for transportation using the efficient subway service in Seoul.

You could plan your transportation budget ahead before leaving your hotel everyday with this application pretty fast. Fret not, I will show you how and you will be using this app in seconds!

You may go to the Playstore for android based gadgets or from Appstore for Apple products.

The subway lines are represented by different colors:

Line 1 – Dark blue
Line 2 – Green
Line 3 – Orange
Line 4 – Light Blue
Line 5 – Purple
Line 6 – Dark Brown
Line 7 – Moss green
Line 8 – Pink
Line 9 – Light brown

There are a few other lines:
Incheon Line 1 – 인천 1 호선
Bundang Line – 분당 선
Jungang Line – 준앙 선
Gyeongui Line – 경의 선

호선 means subway line, so 1호선 is Line 1.

subway korea2
After you have installed the application, open the app as in Step 1, then find your station as in Step 2, press on the dot of the station and a list of options will appear as in Step 3, press Depart from. In this example; I chose from Incheon Airport 인천국제공항 to Seoul Station 서울 .

For those learning Korean, 😉
Departure: 출발
Arrival : 도착

subway korea3

Travel time: Approximately 47 minutes
Subway stops: 10 stations
Total fare: T-money 카드 – 4,150 won , Cash 현금 –  4,250 won

Budget comparison

By Airport Limousine from Incheon Airport to Seoul:
Bus Number : 6001
Fare: 15,000 won
Travel Time : 60-70 minutes

Budget saved: 10,850 won (but if you have big luggages the limousine bus is the better option ^_^)

Try this another Interactive Subway Map in English on the web. I have to warn you though that the Subway Korea application is more user friendly and informative.

I also love the Seoul subway application known as KakaoMetro-Subway Navigation. It is user friendly and less cluttered. Give it a try.

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