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Day Trip Ski Package – Crazy Price!

Although I live in Madrid now, there is no stopping of me on reading stuff about Korea from most of the time (so that I don’t forget on how to read Korean..T_T) and especially during the winter season when snow is hardly seen in Madrid but abundant in South Korea.

I miss snow. Period!

So today I was toying my mouse reading the comments from the readers of this blog and one of them asked:


How to get there from Seoul if I’m aforeign tourist from Malaysia? How to reserve the seats for return shuttle bus?

Naturally, I went to Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World website and what appeared on the main page made my jaw dropped!!

OMG..How could this be??


All inclusive Day trip ski package with Free shuttle bus + Lift Ticket + Equipment Rental + Ski Suit Rental + Basic Lesson (30 minutes) for just 89,000 won!! Awesome price for an awesome experience. *sigh*

Normally, it is more than 143,000 won because there is no basic lesson to begin with.

I know Malaysian Ringgit does not fare well nowadays…oh..farewell..but still the price helps those who don’t have a local Korean credit card. (Normally Koreans get up to 50% discount using their credit card promotion). Go find a Korean friend now… ­čśë

This all-inclusive price starts on 1st December 2016.

Read more about my snowboarding experience at Vivaldi Ski Park here.

FYI, I am not affiliated to or receiving any freebies from Vivaldi Ski Park whatsoever (although I would love to). Hoping to get a love call from them…ring..ring. ^^



There is a free shuttle bus service from Seoul to Vivaldi Ski Park Resort as mentioned in their website in English.


Reservation can be done at their website here.

My advice:

It will take about 1 hour and thirty minutes if there is no traffic jam from Seoul to Vivaldi Ski Park Resort (one way). Normally I took the bus near Hongdae because I lived around Sinchon last time. Make sure you arrive at the waiting point ten minutes earlier.

All bookings MUST be made online. The bus driver will call out your name and tick the list off.

Return is at 5:00 pm sharp and the bus will be departing at the exact time. Don’t be late!! I have never seen the bus driver waits for those who are late.

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