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How to go to Namdaemun from Myeongdong on foot

There are a few ways on how to go to Namdaemun from Myeongdong. My favorite is always on foot because Namdaemun and Myeongdong are just next to each other. It is about 10 minutes walk if you are not blinded by all the irresistible shops and cafe’s in Myeongdong. 🙂

Below is a sample of map from Google:

However, below is another map from Naver which I find easier to make a more accurate search by walking distance.

If you walk, it is about 15 minutes from Myeongdong to Namdaemun until you reach Hoehyeon Station without stopping for shopping.

* is Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Center – I love this place. You can get distracted here before you actually reach Namdaemun. It is also connected to Shinsegye Shopping Center.

From the arrow (in the picture) that says you can start shopping here is actually the outer part of Namdaemun. I normally start eye-shopping for things from here. 🙂 If you reach here, you have already walked about 7 minutes from Nature Republic.

If you take the subway, it is about 5 minutes and a surplus of 1.250 won for the subway fare.

If you take the bus, it is about 5 minutes too and a surplus of 1,200 won for the bus fare.

If you are in a group of 4 or less, a taxi is a lot better. Taxi fare is about 3,000 won. Cheaper and less walking.


This is Myeongdong Station and you may exit from it either from exit 6 or 7 or 8. Follow the arrow and walk straight ahead to start shopping here.

The key point is Nature Republic Myeongdong, the one which is nearest to the Myeongdong Station, walk to the left (as per picture).

Walk until the end of the road, until you find the escalator going down towards Hoehyeon Underground shopping center and on your right is the Korea Post building.

Walk down towards the escalator and enter the underground shopping center from exit 2. The reason is we need to cross the road ahead towards Shinsegye.

Tada..Get out from this exit which is exit 12. The Korea Post building is behind you.

Follow the arrow above which is inside the picture and enter the alley. Walk straight ahead until you see MESA building as per picture below.

This is outer part of Namdaemun Market but you can start shopping here too. I normally find those ´I love Korea´ shirts from this area because they are cheaper and come with various color and design.

You will see these areas where ajummas and ajushis are selling Korean Tshirts. If you go to the left, this is an alley to shop for children and babies clothes. They are so pretty!!

But..I normally went to other stuff alley..hehe. The alley is pretty narrow and by 10 in the morning it is normally packed and you can hardly see well like the above picture.

Make sure that you see the above building and this is the main alley where if you follow the arrow towards the end you will find Hoehyeon Subway station, Exit 5.

If you lost your way, make sure ask the ladies or men in red Tourist Information shirt or coat like the above picture for direction. They will give you a map of Namdaemun.

If you walk through the main alley from the instruction before, you will find this tourist information cubicle and ask for maps, discount tickets and other stuff here. Walk straight ahead and you will find Hoehyeon Station, Exit 5 as in pictures below.

Happy shopping! Don´t forget to tell your friends to refer to this step-by-step guide on how to go to Namdaemun from Myeongdong on foot.

Source: Daum Map.

4 thoughts on “How to go to Namdaemun from Myeongdong on foot

  1. Assalamualaikum Zarina.

    It’s good to see you still posting about Korea. I really find your posts helping.

    I just have one question, in Namdaemun Market area, how can I reach the Hairtail Alley? I would really love to try and dine in in one of the restaurant there ever since you introduce the Jorim dish in Heuksandong Restaurant (its closed already). Really miss korean asam pedas.

    Thank you for your help and time.

  2. Assalamualaikum. Nak tanya is Namdaemun market usually close on sundays? is it just street stalls closed on sundays or the malls jugak? thank you.

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