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The question of “Where to find Halal food in Korea?” or in fact in other countries which do not have an organisation like JAKIM in Malaysia is a big headache for Muslim travelers.

People have asked me about Halal food issue in Korea and even when I am right now in Madrid, I still receive the same question from those who would like to travel to Spain. Same ‘ol..same ‘ol. Korea or Spain don’t practise the halal label to ease us the Muslims to find permissible food according to Islamic law.

Not knowing hangul (Korean letters) or Korean language make it more difficult to check out the ingredients, right? At least Spanish is easier. 🙂

We must have knowledge to do this. Yes. If you don’t, then learn from the knowledgeable. More so..as a Muslim, we must learn until we reach death. Perfect our learning of Fardhu ain knowledge first and then Fardhu kifayah. Insha Allah.

Hence, you are encouraged to listen to Bilal Philips’ lecture titled ‘The Halal & Haram labels’. The lecture is about one hour which was given in Malaysia. Come on Malaysians…Boleh! 1 jam je pon…

If we are sincerely practising Islamic faith in our life, after having the knowledge you can make the decision. Ask your eeman. After all, we will answer to Allah for our actions but not to His creation.

I will not answer futher questions about Halal or Haram stuff in Korea. Please listen to the lecture.



4 thoughts on “Halal Food

  1. Hi Zarina. Asking based on your experienced. Is it possible to go Seodaemun Prison, Gyeongbok Palace, and later to Chandeokgung Palace in one day? As it only used Subway Line 3 but different station to stop,

    1. Hi Pinat,

      Yes you can.

      Just be aware of the closing time.

      Changdeokgung Palace : Closed Mondays
      Gyeongbokgung Palace : Closed Tuesdays
      Seodaemun Prison : Closed on Jan 1st, The Day of Seollal (Lunar New Year’s Day) & Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day), Mondays (If a holiday falls on a Monday, then the museum opens on that day, but closes the following day (Tuesday).

      1. Thanks dear! How bout Bukchon Hanok Village? Is it possible to walk from the palace? Or better by Green Bus 02? Im going this upcoming 16Feb.

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