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Strawberry Picking in Seoul

Winter is the time when strawberry is most abundant in Korea. It is also the best time to do strawberry picking if you visit Korea around January to May.

The sweetness of Korean strawberry could not be compared with the ones locally grown in Malaysia, definitely. Weather is partly to blame. However, Malaysia is richer with all sorts of other fruits and they are cheap too. Yeayy!!

I’m going to lay out our experience doing strawberry picking somewhere near Seoul. We did strawberry picking around Ilsan back in April, 2015 because we happened to visit the exhibition of ‘My Love from the Star’ starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun at KINTEX and the strawberry farm is around that area.

It has never crossed my mind to bring my guests to do strawberry picking because after Wwoofing so many times in Korea, I had enough of farming. 🙂

But this is another kind of experience. No hard work farming just enjoying your time strawberry picking for a little fee.

It was a day tour of two-activity itinerary. KINTEX and strawberry picking. My guests requested for this special itinerary although I told them that this was not requested ahead of time. I scrambled that night looking around for the nearest farm around KINTEX to save our time and I found it!

The farm name is 아침이슬농장 (a-chim-ee-sel-nong-jang). Their farm is near KINTEX. You can check their Naver blog here but it is in Korean.

Ilsan was quite far from Seoul and is located around north-west of Seoul. Because our trip is a budget-trip, we took off with only public transportation. We were four altogether which was a nice little group.

Farms around Ilsan.

We took off from Sinchon Station, Line 2 -green (the one near Yonsei University) to Daehwa Station, Line 3 -orange for 1 hour and 30 minutes and the subway fee is about 1,550 won (one way).

From Daehwa Station we took a taxi about 8,000 won (one way) to the farm and paid 15,000 won (per person per kilo) for the strawberry as per picture below.

Note: As per their blog, they have increased the fee to 18,000 won per kilo.

The farm owner first explained on the manner to pick the strawberry so that we will not harm the strawberry plant from its next harvest. There is a special way on doing it. A very gentle method.

The owner also assigned us a few lines from the strawberry farm for us to pick as we could not simply pick strawberries all around the farm. Some lines had their strawberries picked by other guests before we came and the plant need more time to grow ripe and red ones.

After about an hour, look at our little boxes of joy full with ripe and juicy strawberries!

Cost per pax:

1,550 won x 2 trip = 3,100 won (Subway fare from Sinchon – Daehwa)

16,000 won/ 4 = 4,00 won (Taxi ride per pax to and fro)

15,000 won per pax (Strawberry picking fee)

Total: 22,100 won per pax.

Actually, the farm owner’s son kindly gave us a ride back to Daehwa station for FREE..hehe so the number above is just for your reference.

On a side note, the manner of Korean men is jjang!  The farm owner was nagging at her son saying that she could book a taxi for us for 1,000 won charge but his son insisted on sending us off. 🙂

How can you go to the farm?

First, you need to book the date and time when you will do strawberry picking. This is to ensure that they do have enough strawberries ready for picking.

If you don’t speak Korean, my advice is to get help from the reception of your accommodation. They most of the time, will gladly help you.

Take the subway from your accommodation to Daehwa Station, Line 3 (Orange). Use Seoul Subway application or Subway Korea application to find your route (picture below).

Write or print out the details below for the taxi driver:

The name of the farm: 일산 아침이슬 농원 (il-san-a-chim-ee-sel-nong-won)

Address: 경기도 고양시 일산동구 , 장항동 634-82번지 (Gyeonggi-do, Goyang-si, Ilsan-donggu, Jang hang-dong, 634-82 bon-ji)

Phone number: 010-6309-0991

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  1. Salam. Kak Zarina, didn’t notice that you recently update your blog. Happy to be able to read your blog again, been a reader for your WWOFF experience since few years back and thanks to your awesome stories, I manage to visit South Korea early last month. Looking forward for your coming post 언니 !

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