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From Insadong to Cheonggyecheon on foot

Ahah! Another on-foot tip is coming your way! 🙂 This time is the method of going from Insadong to Cheonggyecheon on foot. Honestly, there are so many tourist spots around North of central Seoul which are very closed to each other and they are easily explored and much better IMO reached by walking.

In the map above from Daum, you can see that the red flag is where we will start. It says ‘start’ and the blue flag is where we will arrive. It is estimated that we will have to walk about 25 minutes if we walk non stop but trust me that this is not going to happen because you will be enchanted by Insadong and marvel at it much longer.

The whole stretch from point 1 to point 2 is called Insadong-gil where you will spend major time here and after point 2 is where you will start walking to Cheonggye stream or Cheonggyecheon which will roughly takes you 14 minutes.

Anguk Station, Exit 6 is the starting point and Insadong entrance is point 1 from the map. Enjoy your Insadong tour and walk until you reach this area as per picture below which is point 2 from the map.

Once you reach this area, you might see many art performers at this plaza if you visit Insadong during the weekend and this area is mostly packed with people from end to end!

End of Insadong, is point 2 from the map and just follow the picture above to walk until Jongno Tower. Trust me it is not far. You will be swayed by so many trendy shops along the way!

Once you reach Jongno Tower, cross the busy road towards Bosingak Belfry, another must visit spot especially during new year celebration where it will be ring to commemorate the coming of prosperous new year. Check out my experience on this event here.

Once you reach Bosingak Belfry, just walk ahead towards Cheonggye stream as per picture above. It is not that far now.

There you have it! Get down that staircase and you will get to see this infamous spot where people come to relax and where Kim Nam Gil took a dive in his latest K-Drama – Live Up to Your Name, Dr. Heo.

Let me answer that for you Dr. Heo – It is Cheonggyecheon! 🙂

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