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Here is a post to cover all about T-Money Card. A budget traveler to South Korea cannot live without this card which will save you a lot of money. 

What is T-Money Card?

T-Money card is a transportation card that can be used for public transportation like bus, subway and taxi at all over major cities in South Korea.

It can also be used for purchases in selected shops like convenience stores and many more which you can refer in the booklet given to you when you purchase the card at the card vending machine in the subway station.

T-Money Card for Korean public transportation that I used up to 2015.
T-Money Card for Korean public transportation that I used up to 2015. Read more here.

Type of T-Money Card?

As of November 2019, these are the major type of public transportation card:

  • T-Money card
  • Integrated cards
  • Foreigner exclusive cards
  • Custom-made card
  • Mobile T-Money

South Korea has offered a special card for foreign visitors called as Korea Tour Card.

Korea Tour Card for Foreigners aka T-Money card with discount benefits.
Korea Tour Card for Foreigners aka T-Money card with discount benefits.

This card which functions like T-Money card has extra benefit where it offers many discount benefits for shopping, F&B, culture tour and entertainment with collaborating business proprietors.

Where to purchase Korea Tour Card?

The card is 4,000 KRW. It can be purchased online and you may go to the website here.

Free Korea Tour Card by filling a survey
Free Korea Tour Card by filling a survey

You can try your luck to get a FREE Korea Tour Card first by filling up a survey on first-come, first-served basis.

If not,

You have two options, either:

  • Buy online through the website
  • Buy on-site at the participating sites
  • Only for MALAYSIAN – Fill up a survey here and get a free Korea Tour Card and discount booklet.
Buy Korea Tour Card online

Buying online however is quite a hassle because you need to pickup the card at Gimpo Airport (as per image above) which you need to take a train of 55 minutes to reach.

Furthermore, the pickup station is only opened between 10 am till 10 pm which defeat the purpose if you arrive at Gimpo Airport outside this time range.

The best option is to buy it at the stores. If you arrive at Incheon Airport, there are two locations where you can purchase Korea Tour Card.

  1. Vending Machine(Incheon International Airport) – In front of the site selling single tickets for Airport Railroad AREX (ticket gateway) located on B1, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1. Read here.
  2. Hotel Information Center – Exits 7 and 11, 1F, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1

Where to purchase T-Money Card?

If you cannot get a Korea Tour Card from Korea Tourism office in your country, another option is to purchase T-Money Card at a convenience store.

Once you arrived at Incheon International Airport or Gimpo Airport, depending on your first entry to South Korea, you can purchase T-Money card at any of the convenience stores inside the airport as per the image above.

You won’t encounter difficulty even if you don’t speak Korean. The only words that you need to say:

T-Money juseyo = T-Money please

Pay 3,000 Korean won (KRW) to the cashier. The card is empty and you need to recharge it. Notice that it is 1,000 won cheaper than Korea Tour Card.

I suggest that you recharge 20,000 won for the first time because it will suffice you for 2-day journey in Seoul and to and fro to airport if you decide to use only public transportation during your trip.

Give the amount of money that you want to recharge and say to the cashier..

Chung jeon he juseyo = Recharge please.

Once the cashier recharged it…say…

Kamsahamnida =

Thank you


If you are a Malaysian, get your free Korea Tour Card or T-Money card at Korea Tourism Malaysia website here.

If you aren’t, the easiest is to get the card at the vending machine of AREX Incheon Airport Rail Station once you arrive at Incheon Airport.

Please check out this video demonstration of a Korea Tour Card or T-Money card purchase at a vending machine in a subway station.

How to purchase or use Korea Tour Card or T-Money Card.

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