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Nami Island-Petite France-Garden of Morning Calm with Gapyeong City Tour Bus

Gapyeong city tour bus

I have yet to show how to do a 1 day trip to Nami Island-Petite France -Garden of Morning Calm with Gapyeong City Tour Bus. This is a DIY step-by-step itinerary where you are in control of your own time which will costs you less than 50,000 KRW (price as of November 2019).

However, if you are interested in taking a leisure trip where you don’t need to plan, please go straight to the ‘Promotion’ section from the table of content down below instead.

That said, let’s dive in straight to the main topic: Gapyeong City Tour Bus.

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Where is Gapyeong?

Gapyeong is located at North-East of Seoul and it takes about 1 hour drive from Seoul. By subway it will take about 1 hour 30 minutes.

You may check the map from Google above. In any case, to get an almost accurate duration of a trip, Korean map search has to be done.

In this case, I used Kakao Map and the link is here. If any of you knows Korean, in my opinion using Kakao Map is better than Google Map at least for South Korea.

Why visit Gapyeong?

Well, Gapyeong has many breathtaking places to visit outside of Seoul where you can enjoy not only nature sightseeing but also Korean Drama and variety shows filming locations! K-Drama fans!

Among the hot Korean tourists spots in Gapyeong are:

  • Nami Island – Drama: Winter Sonata, Mother of Mine
  • Petite France – Drama: You who came from the stars, Secret Garden
  • Garden of Morning Calm – Drama: Jugglers, I’m Not A Robot
  • Seasoning Days Pension Gapyeong – Drama: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim
  • Gapyeong rail bike

…and many more.

How to go to Gapyeong from Seoul?

I have written a few posts on how to go to Gapyeong from Seoul and you may read them here:

  • How to go to Nami Island by subway, read here
  • How to go to Nami Island by ITX train, read here
  • How to Purchase ITX train ticket, read here
  • How to go from Yongsan Station to Nami Island, read here

What is Gapyeong City Tour Bus?

It is a daily shuttle bus; a hop-on hop off bus around Gapyeong city which covers many famous Korean tourist spots.


6,000 won

Bus Schedule

There are two types of Gapyeong City Tour Bus:

  1. Course A
  2. Course B

However, in this post we will cover ONLY the route of Course A for our itinerary. You may refer to the latest the bus schedule at this page here.

Nevertheless, I pasted the going and return Course A bus schedule here inside the post for your easy access (updated as of November 2019).

Bus Schedule From Gapyeong Terminal to Garden of Morning calm

Gapyeong City Tour Bus - Course A route (Going)
Gapyeong City Tour Bus – Course A route (Going)

The route is from Gapyeong Bus Terminal–Gapyeong Rail Bike–Jara Island– Gapyeong Station–Nami Island– Interactive Art Museum–Petite France–Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal– Cheongpyeong Station–Garden of Morning Calm.

Bus Schedule From Garden of Morning calm to Gapyeong Terminal

Gapyeong City Tour Bus - Course A route (Return)
Gapyeong City Tour Bus – Course A route (Return)

The route is from Garden of Morning Calm–Cheongpyeong Station–Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal–Petite France–Interactive Art Museum–Nami Island–Gapyeong Station–Jara Island–Gapyeong Rail Bike–Gapyeong Bus Terminal.

Where to buy Gapyeong City Tour Bus ticket?

Gapyeong Station Information Counter
Gapyeong Station Information Counter

You can buy the ticket at the Ticket Information Counter at Gapyeong Train Station as per the image above. Then wait for the bus at the bus stop located across the taxi stop as in the image.

Recommended itinerary

I recommend the most leisured possible DIY 1 day trip to Nami Island-Petite France-Garden of Morning Calm but not the cheapest itinerary. There are cheaper options (by the subway) but it might not be the best or most comfortable for all.

This itinerary will STRICTLY use the Gapyeong City Tour Bus – Course A schedule ONLY for the forward journey and the returning journey.

Kindly adhere to this.

ITX Train

First; purchase the ITX train ticket (to and from) at least 2 weeks ahead of the departure date from the website as per link here. Read more here on the detail instruction.

Use this time of departure from Yongsan Station to Gapyeong Station for your reference:


Use this time of departure from Cheongpyeong Station to Yongsan Station for your reference:


Buy Gapyeong City Tour Bus ticket

Go to the Information Counter outside of Gapyeong Station to purchase the ticket and wait at the bus stop across the road for the first bus at 09:20 am.

Nami Island

You will arrive at Nami Island bus stop at 09:25 am. Walk a bit to the Nami Island information counter to purchase the admission and ferry ticket. The cost is 13,000 KRW for adult (as of November 2019) and you may check this website for any fare changes.

Nami Island in autumn
Nami Island during autumn.

My recommendation is to enjoy Nami Island in 3 hours (plus minus). Head to the post where you can read more about the guideline here. Do adhere to the recommended hours as per the post to ensure that it goes according to this trip.

After you have enjoyed the sightseeing in Nami Island, wait for the Gapyeong City Tour Bus at the same bus stop to go to Petite France at 13:25 noon.

Petite France

You will arrive at Petite France at 13.50. The recommended duration to spend is one hour. Petite France is not that big and you might be able to complete the tour less than 30 minutes.

I suggest that you take a break with a cup of coffee. 🙂 Then, take the bus to Garden of Morning Calm at 14:50.

Garden of Morning Calm

You will reach Garden of Morning Calm at 15:35. Please be reminded that Garden of Morning Calm closes at 19:00. Once you get out of the garden, wait for the bus to Cheongpyeong Station at the bus stop at 19:00

Garden of Morning Calm
Garden of Morning Calm

You will reach Cheongpyeong Station at 19:25. Take the ITX train back to Yongsan Station as per the recommended departure time. Please refer to the table of ITX train above according to their respective departure time either during weekday or weekend.

Detail Itinerary and Cost

Place / TaskDeparture TimeArrival TimeCost (KRW)
Your hotel at Hongdae Station - Yongsan Station 7.00 am7.20 am1,250
Yongsan Station - Gapyeong Station 7.52 am8.50 am5,900
Gapyeong Station (Information Counter) -purchase Gapyeong City Tour Bus ticket 9 am-6,000
Gapyeong Station - Nami Island9.20 am9.25 am-
Nami Island + Ferry ride admission9.30 am-13,000
Nami Island - Petite France12.25 pm / 1.25 pm12.50 pm / 1.50 pm-
Petite France admission--8,000
Petite France - Garden of Morning Calm1.50 pm / 2.50 pm2.35 pm / 3.35 pm-
Garden of Morning Calm admission--9,500
Garden of Morning Calm - Cheongpyeong Station7.00 pm7.25 pm-
Cheongpyeong Station - Your Hotel at Hongdae Station8.08 pm 9.00 pm5,900

Total is 49,550 KRW which is about RM177. However, there is a cozier and easier option. Head over to the promotion section.


Another option I strongly suggest that you look at is by going with a bus tour from Seoul which depart from Hongdae Station or Myeongdong Station or Dongdaemun Station.

This will be a plus for those who stay around these stations. Why?

You don’t have to plan the trip and all transport and admission are covered except your food. A bit more expensive but cozier trip. You will be able to enjoy your trip peacefully and WILL NOT be having a messed up plan especially for a first time visitor to these places.

Book here.

For Muslim Travelers

You may perform your prayers either at Nami Island or Petite France. Ask the assistance of the employer if you are not sure where the location of the prayer area is.


  • Gapyeong City Tour Bus Schedule check here.
  • Nami Island check here.
  • Petite France check here.
  • Garden of Morning Calm check here.
  • Korail ITX ticket purchase here.


As a conclusion, a one day trip covering Nami Island-Petite France-Garden of Morning Calm with Gapyeong City Tour Bus is doable for less than 50,000 KRW.

Not only that you can control your visiting time in each spot but you have the flexibility when to go and return from Seoul to Gapyeong and vice versa.

But, as I said there is a more cozy and leisure option. Why not enjoy that offer while it lasts! Ahh..once you complete your tour, you will be super fatigue and the 1-hour nap during the journey back to Seoul in that bus will be priceless. Trust me!


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