I love shoe-string budget travel, learning new languages and learning other cultures particularly oriental. Maybe because I find single eye lid people like G-Dragon and Lee Jun Ki very attractive? ^^

During my past time; I blog, take photos, hang out with friends and doing boring stuff like studying Korean? Hehehe..My aim is to cover as many oriental countries as possible. I’ve been to China, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea because of my interest.

I have studied Korean Language in Sogang University for a short semester, took free classes at Seoul Global Center, Korean Foundation and also at Dream Multicultural Center near Samsung Station.

I really appreciate a lot of comments and emails coming from you the faithful readers, however I couldn’t muster enough time to answer all the questions. Most of my time are swamped with learning Korean, doing part time job to support myself, writing more informative posts for you and etc.

Please..please take your time to read the blog and the FAQ before emailing me as you will be disappointed when I didn’t reply your email  or answering your comments and it sits in my inbox for more than a week unnoticed. 🙁

For your info, the study is fully supported by myself and am fully relying on this blog to fund the cost. If you find that this blog helps you in any way, do not hesitate to help me continue writing and making this blog as a FREE resources for everyone by actively participating ie. commenting with helpful info or making some donation.

I really appreciate it.


Your’s truly,  

Zarina Jani


I  am now living in Madrid and operating another blog about my life in general here. 


Please visit this blog too! ^^

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