My budget travel plan

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Of course, I am not a big spender. Most of my saving will go for my budget travel, almost every year. Mungkin sebab aku tak suka belanja besar atau shopping, so kebanyakan simpanan aku adalah untuk bercuti di Korea secara bajet…hampir setiap tahun. My plan is to stay on the maximum days allowed for Malaysians […]


Why South Korea?

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I love kimchi. Saya suka kimchi – sayur2 yang di peram..masam + pedas = sedap! ho yeah…. I love Big Bang especially G-Dragon (He’s a genius!! to me at least..) Saya suka Big Bang…(masa 2009) sekarang…hmmm…questionable…hampir tidak dengar KPoP.. I love oriental culture. Saya suka budaya timur I love autumn. Saya suka musim luruh I […]


My first post!

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Hi everyone, just started to write on my plan to backpack for Seoul or South Korea in shoestring budget. My first post…hmmm. Well, it should be easy to ramble away but not that easy I guess. This day to day diary is meant for friends and family to keep track of me when I will […]